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Alumna dies after crash on highway

By | Oct 28, 2010

Betsy Gilligan ’10 died last Thursday after she was hit by two vehicles while crossing Route 9 in Saratoga, N.Y.

Local SPCA leaps hurdles to maintain no-kill policy

By | Oct 7, 2010

No one expected Odelia to see her first birthday. At 6 weeks old — when she was seized from an abusive home — Odelia weighed 3 pounds when her siblings weighed 15. A severe eye infection led to blindness in both of her eyes. But despite the odds against her, the sweet, loyal pit bull…

Back to school

By | Oct 8, 2009

In some ways, Hildy Mica is a lot like her fellow students in Ithaca College’s class of 2013. As a second-semester freshman, she already has an academic writing class under her belt and is currently taking a 15-credit course load. Like many exploratory students, her classes are varied in subject matter, from public communication to…

Article sparks community response

By | Feb 19, 2009

President Tom Rochon’s response to an article by Emily McNeill ’08 in the latest issue of IC View, the college’s quarterly alumni magazine, has prompted alumni, students and faculty to question free speech on campus. McNeill’s story, “The Violence Must End,” is a first-person account of her experiences last summer with Israeli violence against Palestinians…

Ithaca illuminated

By | Jan 22, 2009

While the gorges and parks of Ithaca sit dormant in a deep winter freeze, virtually devoid of visitors, the sixth annual Light in Winter festival aims to highlight other area attractions with events celebrating art and science. “We realized there was a great opportunity to promote tourism in our area in January when we don’t…

Finding bliss on a budget

By | Dec 4, 2008

’Tis the season for final exams, projects and papers — and the stress that comes with them. Fortunately for college students in Ithaca, some quick, convenient ways to relax and pamper are now within closer reach. Local spa professionals understand that students are limited in time and money and are making efforts to reach out…

Lyme disease cases increase across the county

By | Oct 23, 2008

This year there have been 26 confirmed cases of Lyme disease in Tompkins County, an increase from nine confirmed cases in 2007, Carol Mohler, a community health nurse at the Tompkins County Health Department, said. The numbers of Lyme disease cases in Tompkins County jumped to 26 this year after only two confirmed cases reported…

Ballroom shakes up the standards

By | Sep 25, 2008

A thin man wearing satin-trimmed black pants and hard-soled leather dance shoes calls out over the cha-cha music. “One, two, three, four and one!” His counts and direction keep a room of more than 20 couples moving in unison. “And the New Yorker, two, three, four!” The partners turn away from each other, arms thrust…

Fitness follows a fresh path

By | Aug 28, 2008

With a schedule chock-full of classes, meetings and homework, the last thing a college student needs is a boring workout. Medical studies continue to show that regular exercise helps prevent disease, build muscle and reduce stress. Yet in 2001 an Ohio State University study found that out of 937 representative students, 52 percent were physically…

Fashion show launches line and welcomes students

By | Apr 3, 2008

Ithaca College junior Tatiana Sy has been designing her own clothing all her life, but she said she never seriously considered designing for others, let alone launching her own line of fashion. That is, until junior Biana Lee Forseca approached Sy about designing pieces for the annual student run fashion show, Capture the Dream. Capture…

Eclectic quartet to ‘turnip’ at Lost Dog performance

By | Jan 31, 2008

With an intriguing name and an even more intriguing sound, Ithaca-based Turnip Stampede has been playing throughout New York since they formed last March. The foursome, who have played with big names like Blues Traveler, Phish and The Spin Doctors, combine jazz, funk, blues, rock and jam. Bassist and vocalist Max McKee took a break…

A head start

By | Nov 15, 2007

Senior Jared Zirilli spent the summer of 2005 rescuing a princess, battling an evil tyrant and hanging with a genie. Playing the lead in “Aladdin: A Musical Spectacular” at Disney’s California Adventure was a dream come true for Zirilli, but he said he’s surprised he landed the role in the first place. “I didn’t have…