March 21, 2023
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In the eyes of the beholder

By | Mar 28, 2012

A basic cosmetic surgery has become so popular that one part of the world calls it routine. But most Americans have never heard its name.

Speak for your self

By | Feb 23, 2012

Will Shishmanian is looking to find his voice, and he is not alone.

Author revisits Nixon with modern twist

By | Jan 26, 2012

While composer John Adams’ opera “Nixon in China” has been a theater favorite for more than 25 years, Timothy Johnson, associate professor of music theory, composition and history, is giving the old notes a new tune.

Stories from schizophrenics inspire novel

By | Dec 15, 2011

A man strolls happily down a back road near Ithaca, leading a large animal resembling a furry steer with pointed horns on a leash. He’s going home to open a petting zoo with his new friend.

‘Scoundrels’ glamorous story shines with truth

By | Nov 10, 2010

While many Ithaca College students only venture to Cornell University to party and attend concerts, some students at the college go to Cornell several times a week to rehearse and perfect their passion for theater.