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Business students soar in new stock competition

By | Jan 26, 2012

For the third consecutive week, a team of Ithaca College business students holds first place in an ongoing competition using hypothetical stock portfolios to garner strong returns in a tough economy.

A bond beyond labels

By | Dec 15, 2011

Junior Amanda Rissmeyer was apprehensive when she first came to Ithaca College. As a lesbian athlete who would be competing on the field hockey and women’s indoor track teams, she worried about facing stereotypical reactions from her new coaches and teammates.

Professor joins team to send NASA probe to space

By | Sep 8, 2011

Beth Ellen Clark Joseph, associate professor and chair of Ithaca College’s physics department, has been selected to take part in a historic NASA mission to study and sample a near-Earth asteroid. The mission, named Origins Spectral Interpretation Resource Identification Security-Regolith Explorer, will launch an unmanned robotic probe on a 3.5 billion-mile journey to the asteroid…

Shopping center near Circle Apartments to break ground

By | Apr 28, 2011

After remaining stalled in development for more than two years, the South Hill’s newest shopping center, College Crossings, may finally be moving off the drawing board and into reality.

Voters select new SGA board

By | Apr 21, 2011

In the largest ever recorded voter turnout, the Constructionists defeated Untold Narrative in the 2011-12 student government elections by a margin of 57.6 percent to 38 percent.

The Constructionists win 2011-12 SGA elections

By | Apr 18, 2011

In a year of the largest voter turnout, The Constructionists defeated rival party Untold Narrative in the 2011 Student Government Association elections by a margin of 57.6 percent to 38 percent. The Constructionists, comprised of senior Scott Nachlis, president; junior Eve Trojanov, vice president of academics; sophomore Rob Flaherty, vice president of communications; freshman Rob…

School of Music seeks interdisciplinary project collaboration

By | Mar 28, 2011

In response to goals set by the IC20/20 initiative, the Ithaca College School of Music has formed a new creativity committee to collaborate with other schools and majors on campus. Students and faculty interested in working with the music school on interdisciplinary projects are encouraged to send their ideas to the committee for consideration and…

College sees rise in 2011-12 applications

By | Mar 24, 2011

After a recent leap in applications, the Ithaca College Office of Admissions will pick the class of 2015 from the largest selection pool of students in three years. The college received 13,424 applications for the 2011-12 school year ­—­­ almost 300 more than last year and 700 more than in 2009-10. The last time admissions…

New faculty to fortify language department

By | Mar 3, 2011

While foreign language programs at universities nationwide face cutbacks, Ithaca College’s department of modern languages and literatures is on its way to expanding.

Professor hypnotizes campus

By | Feb 24, 2011

Richard Schissel, associate professor and chair of the speech-language, pathology and audiology department, will speak March 2 about a seldom-discussed therapy alternative — hypnosis.

State ups penalty for phone use in car

By | Feb 24, 2011

The New York State Department of Motor Vehicles issued new restrictions Feb. 16 to discourage distracted driving by adding license points in addition to current monetary cell phone penalties.

Campus reacts to resignation of Egyptian leader

By | Feb 12, 2011

Ithaca College students and faculty were awed and inspired as events conspired to force Hosni Mubarak to step down from his position as president of Egypt this morning.