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Fang-tastic dentalwork: trendy?

By | Oct 21, 2011

It’s no breaking news that cosmetic surgery has gained popularity in the past ten years.  The trends involved are largely horrifying (I won’t go into most of them). Today the internet told me that getting surgery to purposefully make your teeth crooked is apparently a new cosmetic surgery trend around the world. …It’s okay. I,…

Tiny technology is always better (maybe)

By | Oct 17, 2011

When I was in third or fourth grade, I got one of those little Polaroid kids’ cameras called an iZone that printed out a photo the size of a negative right after you pressed the shutter button. I thought it was pretty rad — it was a transparent blue camera, reminiscent of one of the…

Let them eat cake pops

By | Oct 11, 2011

In the ongoing ice cream vs. cake debate, I will always be a loyal supporter of cake. As someone who is perpetually cold, ice cream just doesn’t do it for me sometimes. Cake, on the other hand, is like dessert’s king of comfort food — delicious. I’m partial to funfetti, myself. Or cheesecake. There are…

Life sucks, then you turn into a tree

By | Oct 9, 2011

I’m currently taking a class on gothic literature. You know, books like “Frankenstein,” “The Monk” and “Dracula.” This class, besides giving me nightmares about being locked in a labyrinthine place with a crazy monk, has forced me to think a lot about death culture (yes, yes, morbid, I know). But it seemed fitting that today’s post…

Watch Yourself, Wrist Watches

By | Oct 4, 2011

A friend recently told me that people made fun of him for wearing a wristwatch because he carried a cellphone. I hadn’t ever really thought about this before—how obsolete wrist watches have become. When someone asks me if I know the time, I automatically reach for my pocket and check my phone for the answer,…

Back to Basics

By | Sep 29, 2011

I have an addiction to my MacBook. I love it with all my heart, having decorated it with a lovely protective case and a Harry Potter bumper sticker, and sometimes I even feel bad for leaving fingerprints all over the screen and Poptart crumbs in the keys (that’s an exaggeration… sort of). I take it…


By | Sep 25, 2011

I cannot, unfortunately, take credit for the oh-so-punny title of today’s post. The word is used on the website for EARonic iPhone cases ($20) by CollabCubed. Basically, this product involves ears being photographed actual-size and put onto iPhone cases. Although I really don’t think ears are the most attractive thing in the world, this idea…

Taking the Plunge

By | Sep 21, 2011

Imagine this: You are over at a friend’s house, and you need to use the restroom. They point you down the hall. You open the door, and next to the bathroom sink is a plunger. Sounds normal, right? Oh no. This plunger isn’t discreetly next to the toilet or inside a cabinet,  it’s suctioned to the…

Too Hot to Handle

By | Sep 18, 2011

There is a dark place on the Internet where no good can be found… it takes what it thinks it knows about you and uses it to its own sick, twisted mind’s advantage. Some people like to call this place the ad space on the side of Facebook. My roommate told me the other day…

Into the Wild

By | Sep 16, 2011

I can’t decide if I think these are creepy or cool … but I’m definitely leaning toward creepy. Glenda Lopez, a young jewelry designer reppin’ Madrid, released a collection called “Welcome Instinct,” inspired by the animals of the wild. Personally, I like to think of it as a line of jewelry featuring my favorite characters from…

A Seat-Full of Sugar Makes the Medicine Go Down?

By | Sep 13, 2011

Sure, it’s cool, but can you eat it? This question, if answered yes, can turn any ordinary object into extraordinary, upping the cool factor by at least ten points. The case is no different with the “Sugarchair,” a strange innovation by an even stranger designer, Amsterdam’s own Pieter Brenner. Yes, the chair is made entirely…

Cafeteria Couture

By | Sep 9, 2011

Hello beautiful readers. Welcome to “Odd Trends,” a blog in which the latest gadgets, crafts and fashions will be both lusted after and ruthlessly mocked (mostly the latter). I hope you stick with me through this semester full of interesting and ridiculous trends. I figure, since school’s just resumed, I’ll first examine a school-related trend…