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A slice of Ithaca

By | Apr 20, 2011

It’s no New York City, but Ithaca certainly delivers when it comes to pizza. The Ithacan held blind taste-tests to find out which pizza students, faculty and alumni truly think is the best. Five cheese pizzas were ordered from places on The Commons, and 19 taste testers indulged in order to rate each pizza from…

Four-track EP falls short

By | Apr 6, 2011

James Mercer of The Shins and Danger Mouse’s collaboration, the astro-rock band Broken Bells, blew listeners away with their self-titled debut last year. Their new EP, “Meyrin Fields,” is barely enough to tide fans over until another full-length album drops, as this four-track EP plateaus fast.

Live culture inspires new gluten-free shop

By | Mar 23, 2011

Looking through the window of the newest eatery in Ithaca, it is customary to see a little girl in a blue dress and rain boots diving fearlessly into a ball pit or munching happily on some candied ginger or an avocado.

Soulful songstress displays full range of heartbreak

By | Mar 2, 2011

Though she speaks with a sassy Tottenham accent, when Adele begins to sing, her voice is powerful, controlled and stunning. But that doesn’t mean she loses her spunk.

Following the dialogue

By | Nov 4, 2010

With the increasing prevalence of Twitter and Facebook in the lives of college students, Ithaca College has joined in the fun. When students and others interested in the college have questions, the college’s social media accounts can quickly lead users in the right direction.

Duo creates wild sound

By | Nov 3, 2010

Brooklyn duo Matt and Kim’s new album, “Sidewalks,” is a stream of infectiously catchy music with few missteps.

Hot or Not: YouTube Stars

By | Oct 22, 2010

Chief Proofreader Lara Bonner rates a few musicians who started off as regular people but rose to YouTube fame.

Pop band’s clear vocals create feel-good album

By | Oct 6, 2010

Four years have passed since Guster released its last album. In that time, not only did three of the members become fathers, but they also produced a seemingly effortless new album. “Easy Wonderful” is full of solid pop songs about love, happiness and surprisingly — Jesus.

Artist blends old and new

By | Sep 1, 2010

Sufjan Stevens’ “All Delighted People” stays true to his classic style yet still provides new material for those fans who have been craving something different.

‘Wavves’ chills at low tide

By | Aug 26, 2010

Nathan Williams, also known as Wavves, is known for noisy, confused GarageBand projects.The subject matter on his new album, “King of the Beach,” varies little from that of his past, though there is an undeniably positive change in the music.