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Alternative student magazine collaborates across campuses

By | Sep 4, 2008

James Sooy, Texas artist and entrepreneur, could not imagine pushing his glasses up his nose one more time — so he attached them to his face. Literally. It’s called body modification, and it exists. The concept, featured in the article “Body Check: Not Your Grandma’s Glasses” by Cornell University student Stephanie Meissner, is one of…

Students start business to bring big-city feel to Ithaca

By | Nov 8, 2007

After growing up in one of the biggest cities in the world, sophomore Max Samis decided to come to Ithaca College — but not without bringing a little bit of his New York City home to Central New York. “Right now, as it stands, I am 19 years old, and I’ve officially started my own…

New club laughs its way to better health

By | Feb 23, 2007

As 20 students lay in a circle on the floor, their heads almost touching, a bout of laughter breaks out from a female voice in the group. The contagious energy latches onto another person, who then begins to laugh out loud, as well. More gradually join in, until the people in the room are in…