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Environment takes hit from historically warm winter

By | Apr 5, 2012

The warm winter has students enthralled, but environmental experts are warning it could negatively affect everything from plants to health.

Parkie mixes broadcast and economics passion

By | Mar 29, 2012

Senior J.P. Mosca may be a television-radio major and station manager of ICTV, but he makes sure he is almost never caught on the film he spends so much time with.

Author explores unexplored

By | Mar 7, 2012

The new book “Da Vinci’s Ghost” is the first work to look exclusively at the origins of Leonardo da Vinci’s famous drawing, “Vitruvian Man.” The book’s author, Toby Lester, examines the evolution of the drawing and the ideas that the figure represents, such as that man is a microcosm of the world and that the…

Paying it forward

By | Mar 1, 2012

When junior hurdler Tammia Hubbard forgot to wear her lucky wristband before competing in the Denault Invitational on Feb. 18 at Cornell University, she said she felt completely lost.

Great sexpectations

By | Feb 9, 2012

Rebecca stood outside her downtown Ithaca apartment in a bathrobe. She kissed the boy she had just had sex with goodnight and put him in a cab to take him home. From that same cab emerged the next boy she’d have sex with that night.

Two confirmed dead in Virginia Tech shooting

By | Dec 8, 2011

The Virginia Tech University in Blacksburg is on lockdown after a police officer and another person were shot and killed on the school’s campus, according to the Associated Press. A police officer was shot after a routine traffic stop with the suspected shooter. A second victim has also been confirmed to be shot dead in…

Author applies Homer to war

By | Sep 29, 2011

Jonathan Shay, one of this year’s First-Year Experience featured speakers, linked classical literature and war during his campus lecture Sept. 21.

Author blossoms with complex novel

By | Sep 28, 2011

In burgeoning writer Vanessa Diffenbaugh’s “The Language of Flowers,” the Victorian idea of flowers having their own messages is used as a way to tell a story of betrayal, motherhood, love and ultimately redemption.

Author’s first novel becomes best seller

By | Sep 27, 2011

Vanessa Diffenbaugh is the author of “The Language of Flowers,” a book that incited a nine-way bidding war in 2010 for publishing rights that eventually sold to Balantine Books for $1 million.

Bloody remake destroys classic

By | Sep 7, 2011

The 1982 Arnold Schwarzenegger-powered “Conan the Barbarian” spawned a cult following and a popular cartoon, but the remake will be lucky to find half as many fans.

First-year book prepares incoming class for journey

By | Aug 31, 2011

President Tom Rochon opened the First-Year Reading Initiative ceremony Tuesday by posing a question to an audience of 1,570 freshmen students.