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Painter captures life in still subjects

By | Feb 18, 2010

Meyer Stolov was comfortable staring at black ink on paper, miraculously translating the curving lines forming notes into the sounds of beautiful music. Now, Stolov is comfortable staring at a blank white canvas, skillfully bringing the images locked inside his mind to life with the brush in his hand. Stolov’s exhibition currently on display at…

Lost premiere keeps intrigue alive

By | Feb 7, 2010

The following review was previously “Lost.” Only excerpts have been found. Season six is here, and it’s been a long time coming for “Lost” fans. Waiting more than a year made many fans of the hit ABC drama antsy for new episodes. “Lost” has now arrived, and the series is bigger and better than ever.…

Artistic video blurs reality into fantasy

By | Feb 4, 2007

Some people take portraits in the middle of a park. Others take portraits in a department store. Artist Sam Jury takes portraits in the middle of a dream — or at least that’s what she tries to make viewers think. Jury’s mixed media piece “Forever is Never” is an enlightening video that allows the viewer…