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Making History

By | Mar 10, 2011

The Largest Youth Environmental Conference Ever!

Natural Wildlife Federation

By | Mar 8, 2011

I was reading about this on Intercom and thought it was really interesting! Check out the Natural Wildlife Federation site to see the green things Ithaca College has been up to and compare it to other school’s green activities.

A Community Mindset

By | Mar 4, 2011

The loss of a fellow student leads to the shift to a community mindset in this week’s green lifestyle change.

I love seeing cigarette butts all over the ground…

By | Mar 3, 2011

Go New York for passing this law!

Capitalism Ain’t Really All About the Green, Man.

By | Mar 1, 2011

Can our capitalistic society be truly sustainable?

It’s More Than Just Water Bottles

By | Feb 25, 2011

Who needs plastic bottles. Save some money and the environment by trying this green life change with me.

NY Stimulus Money Green In More Than One Way

By | Feb 23, 2011

Whether you are for Obama’s stimulus plan or not, at least it is comforting to know that part of the money is being directed to environmentally friendly projects.

Defriend Coal

By | Feb 21, 2011

The environmental news surrounding Facebook is not putting the social network in the best light.

Rubber Ducky You’re The One…

By | Feb 18, 2011

Need extra time in your day? Try this green tip: take 5 minute showers! I promise it is not as bad as it sounds; I tried it!

I Hear Green Is the New Black.

By | Feb 16, 2011

Even trendy fashion can be environmentally friendly. Learn about the materials your clothes are made of, but never sacrifice that amazing style.

Be My Valentine?

By | Feb 15, 2011

Some fun things to try next year for Valentine’s day. Sustainability can be sexy.

Coffee Fiends Unite

By | Feb 12, 2011

“Green” Lifestyle Change for week two. It was very manageable; something everyone can handle!