August 18, 2022
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Single Stream Sounds Super Successful!

By | Feb 9, 2011

Single Stream Recycling may be a great option to get Ithaca College students more involved in the process of “reusing, reducing, and recycling” their waste. Read more to see why I believe this will work!

Snowy Ithaca

By | Feb 8, 2011

Clearly Ithaca College is not a tropical paradise. With the recent cold streaks, sometimes it can feel as if your nose might actually fall off your face.

It’s Paper Towels!

By | Feb 4, 2011

“Green” change #1. Use one paper towel in the bathroom after washing my hands instead of three or four. As the hilarious YouTube video tells us (if you don’t know what I’m talking about click this link because you’ll pee yourself with laughter , paper towels are oh so useful and convenient. However, they are…

Even Dr. Seuss is into the environment!

By | Feb 2, 2011

Sustainability balances the environment, the economy and culture by allowing people to meet their needs and express their greatest potential in the present, all the while preserving the environment to maintain these ideals indefinitely. However, after taking Sustainability Principles and Practices, I learned there are two extreme ideals within this definition. And we learned them…

Live Simply.

By | Feb 1, 2011

The buzz about the “green” movement has been bombarding us with full force the past few years.  Commercials and media call for “green” cleaning products and a “green” way of life, but many in our society cannot even give a correct definition of global warming or carbon footprints without Googling it. In simple terms, global…