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College cracks down on parking

By | Dec 2, 2010

This semester, the Office of Public Safety enlisted the help of more student ticketers to monitor parking infractions across campus.

Catching craze

By | Dec 1, 2010

Fringed footwear is stomping back from the fashion graveyard. No longer adorning their ankles with glitzy diamonds or their Achilles’ heels with cute bow-tie ribbons, celebs like Leighton Meester and Kim Kardashian are sporting fringed high heels on the red carpet. Fashionistas pair them with jeans for a more casual look while others accessorize bohemian…


By | Nov 18, 2010

Innovators Annie Han and Daniel Mihalyo of Lead Pencil Studio are taking a stand against the advertising industry with their “faux-billboard.” On display in Blaine, Wash., this inverted ad structure sends a profound message about the nature of consumerism, exposing the visuals causing people to pump the breaks these days. Metal wires sporadically jut from…

CD breaks bars with beats

By | Nov 18, 2010

While Lil Wayne’s prison-break album, “I Am Not a Human Being,” does not offer as much lyrical originality as previous ones, gone are the days of the artist’s signature use of onomatopoeia in songs like “Lollipop” and “Mrs. Officer.”

Exhibit gets ‘personal’ with view of humanity

By | Nov 18, 2010

While sets of wide vertical lines stretch upward on the canvas, thin ones stream across the landscape at sharp angles. The overlapping creates an abstract, grid-like formation with a rough texture surrounded by etchings of Chinese holographs encoding the nearly identical row of silverpoint artwork.


By | Nov 18, 2010

Displaying what appears to be a high-end line inspired by Fruit of the Loom characters, runway designers Miuccia Prada and Stella McCartney draw their fashion inspirations from the produce department this spring. Prada sports a bold banana print top reminiscent of a tacky Hawaiian shirt while McCartney tones down her citrus explosion of lemons and…

Pitbull rules Cuban sounds

By | Nov 10, 2010

Pitbull takes listeners back to the heat of summer with “Armando,” a recording entirely in Spanish.

Kings of Leon goes modern with simpler fifth album

By | Nov 3, 2010

From a garage in Nashville to a studio in L.A., Kings of Leon say goodbye to their Southern roots and artistically embrace their modern image in the band’s fifth album release, “Come Around Sundown.” With fewer sporadic guitar scales and forceful crooning, the band has matured with more ballad instrumentals and sincere vocals.

Art for All

By | Oct 27, 2010

Vibrant splashes of yellow, green and red accentuate the hue of blue 17th century icons painted on the walls of Green Street. While dozens of art pieces decorate downtown Ithaca, few people passing them take time to stop and consider their significance.

Locals hold event to replay old music items’ use

By | Oct 6, 2010

“Waste not, want not,” as the old saying goes. Mommy’s old saying rings true with members of Ithaca’s Share Tompkins sustainability group, who are firm believers in practicing what they preach through their community swaps.

Electra wakes up in modern day with new look

By | Sep 29, 2010

It may be a Greek classic, but don’t expect any togas in this theater’s rendition of an ancient tale. Watch as the gods flaunt in their finest suits and the queen struts in stylish pumps. All things modern have transformed this nontraditional telling of “Electra.”

Moving into the future

By | Sep 15, 2010

Patrons used to walk into the Kitchen Theatre wondering if they had come to the right place. Rachel Lampert, the Kitchen Theatre’s artistic director, said there was nothing about their old building that showed it was a theater.