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Students question unpaid internships

By | Apr 28, 2011

Senior Nykaulys Cruz has done only unpaid internships during her college career. In Summer 2009, Cruz spent her days logging tapes at the MTV Networks Tape Library and writing for online fashion magazine, Vain Style, in New York City.

Senior makes his mark across all media platforms

By | Apr 7, 2011

Don’t ask senior Zach Tomanelli to choose one aspect of media that he loves the most, because he won’t be able to give you an answer.

Seniors face lack of entry-level jobs

By | Mar 10, 2011

Senior Scott Steimer wants to be a research analyst after he graduates in May. But as the people who were laid off during the recession apply for more entry-level positions, Steimer may face more competition for his dream job than he thought.

College calls on alumni to fill proposed budget gap

By | Feb 17, 2011

President Barack Obama announced his $77.4 billion spending proposal Monday, which would reduce support for higher education by $89 billion over 10 years. In light of this issue, colleges and universities — including Ithaca College — are stepping up appeals to alumni and other private donation resources for funding.

Big red battle

By | Feb 10, 2011

Heading west on Route 222 toward St. Anthony’s Cemetery in nearby Groton, N.Y., American flags hang over phrases such as, “‘We the People’ ask where is the legal system,” “Cornell violated the federal Clery Act” and “Why is Pres. Obama and the F.B.I. covering up terrorism-torture and murder for Cornell?” John Beck, a former part-time…

Generation Y encouraged to break tradition

By | Sep 2, 2010

Why are 20-year-olds taking longer to grow up? This is what Robin Marantz Henig asked readers of the New York Times Magazine, while citing that we 20-somethings are traveling and avoiding commitments instead of starting careers and having families. We are no longer following the traditional “timetable for adulthood” of “completing school, leaving home, becoming…

Commencement speaker urges new graduates to give back

By | May 23, 2010

Bright smiles, glittered caps and flashing cameras could be seen all over Butterfield Stadium today for Ithaca College’s 115th Commencement ceremony. More than 3,500 people filled the stands to show their support for the 400 graduates and 1,500 undergraduates of the Class of 2010.

The party’s over

By | Apr 22, 2010

With his New York Times tucked under his burgundy-colored button-down shirt, Marty Brownstein walked into his 10:50 a.m. Media and Politics class for one of the last times.

Mapping an unseen world

By | Apr 1, 2010

Drops of sweat rolled off junior Kevin Hurley’s face onto his Ithaca track and field shirt, as he pushed his magnetometer across the ground of his team’s archaeology site. “I hope I’m getting better at this,” he said. “I definitely need to get better at the technique so I’m more attractive to graduate schools.”

On-campus barber provides fresh cuts

By | Mar 11, 2010

As senior Aubrey Manning buzzes away junior Corey Jeffers’ hair, the other members of Brothers 4 Brothers crowd around discussing President Obama and the latest episode of “For the Love of Ray J.” Manning plays a crucial role before the meetings that begin at 6:30 p.m. every Friday in the African-Latino Society Room of West…

Second helpings

By | Jan 28, 2010

When one café door closes, a pub door opens. Whether it’s preserving and expanding vegetarian cuisine in Collegetown or starting a brew pub from scratch on The Commons, Ithaca restaurant owners don’t see the troubling economy as a problem, but rather as an opportunity to explore their dreams. Jean McPheeters, president of the Tompkins County…

Alumnus to star in revival of ‘West Side Story’

By | Feb 5, 2009

A wall in the lobby of Dillingham Center bears more than 100 posters from Broadway shows Ithaca College alumni have been involved with, but there is just one poster that features an alumnus front and center. A beaming Matt Cavenaugh ’01, bare-chested and donning a cowboy hat on the poster for “Urban Cowboy,” greets students…