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Country singer revisits golden classics

By | Sep 29, 2010

Ready to rock to classic folk country veteran John Hiatt’s extensive repertoire of drinkin’, lovin’ and hurtin’ songs, audience members filled The State Theatre last Thursday. The 58-year-old songwriting mainstay, who’s been in the music industry since the age of 18, poured his energy into the 20-song acoustic show, proving none of his talents have…

Afghan woman speaks at temple

By | Sep 27, 2010

Marzia Zafarzada Bahir, Arezo Qanif and Hasina Safi, all traveling from Afghanistan, were scheduled to begin their 2010 Leadership Training program with local nonprofit Institute for Circlework on Thursday. But Safi was the only one of the three to successfully have her visa request approved and be able to attend the training program.

Classroom 2.0

By | Sep 16, 2010

A growing percentage of faculty members at institutions of higher education like the college are attempting to tap into the networks their students are already heavily using outside the classroom. Some faculty members at the college are incorporating social networking platforms, such as Twitter; collaborative creation platforms, such as blogs or wikis; and learning management…

Convocation ushers in freshman class

By | Aug 26, 2010

Escaping the pouring rain to welcome the class of 2014, Ithaca College students, faculty and staff filed into Ben Light Gymnasium on Monday for the 2010 Convocation ceremony.

Web site to help rideshare initiative

By | Mar 26, 2010

Ithaca College has teamed up with area colleges and county agencies to bring a social networking Web site that will help students find carpooling and ridesharing opportunities.