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Senior follows passion for promoting change

By | Apr 21, 2011

It was her freshman year in college, and there was chaos at home. Senior Joyti Jiandani’s then-2-year-old niece, Falehah, was being observed by doctors.

Inside Idol

By | Sep 29, 2010

I woke up to a text message Sept. 16 in my Los Angeles apartment from my editor at that said, “Can you sing?”

Senior ends college with satisfying results

By | Apr 22, 2010

When studying for midterms, sending e-mails to other students, organizing fundraisers and applying for jobs fill up senior Allison Walker’s plate, she doesn’t get stressed.

Gay Enough?

By | Apr 15, 2010

Junior Catherine Kirchhoff puts on mascara in the morning, wears floral prints at the first sign of spring and highlights her hair every few months. But the difference between her and some girls who have a similar routine is Kirchhoff likes girls.

Students capture Argentinian terror

By | Apr 15, 2010

Viewers didn’t know the second flight of stairs in Friends Hall would lead them to a theatrical world filled with blood, terror and torture Sunday. But then again, a play based on the brutal “Dirty War” in Argentina suggests nothing less.

Read btwn the lines

By | Mar 4, 2010

Ask senior Gabby Owens if she has any quirky mannerisms, and she will most likely say, “Probz.” Pay attention as she gets sidetracked in conversation and says, “B-T-dubz.” Listen as she ends the discussion with “PTFO” (Peace the f–k out), and witness a completely new language — abbreviations. Owens finds new ways to shorten her…

Style Watch: Two for one

By | Sep 4, 2009

Walk through the Circle Apartments on a Friday night surrounded by women strapped in heels and blue-jean-wearing men, and it’s almost like a mini-Manhattan (only with more Solo cups). Even without the city lights and high fashion, there is still a style to spot on campus. Women all over campus are sporting a trend that…

Healthy habits

By | Aug 28, 2009

Caitlin McAtee worried about three things when she first stepped on Ithaca College’s campus: boys, books and her belly. Not that the now-senior ever had a protruding stomach while at school, she just feared the reality of the “Freshman 15” lurking around the corner. “I was so worried about the ‘Freshman 15’ that I was…

Commencement ceremony points Class of ’09 towards future

By | May 19, 2009

Purple and white balloons twirled in the crisp May breeze as the Class of 2009 graduates made their way to midfield. Over 3,000 people crowded into Butterfield Stadium to watch President Tom Rochon address the class at the 114th Ithaca College Commencement. Rochon greeted the stadium and introduced the guest speaker, former astronaut Jim Lovell.…

Ex-astronaut addresses graduating class of 2009

By | May 17, 2009

The class of 2009 celebrated its graduation at the 114th Ithaca College Commencement Ceremony this morning. The ceremony was the first for President Tom Rochon, who introduced guest speaker astronaut Jim Lovell. With about 1690 undergraduate students, the six colleges presented degrees of Bachelor of the Arts, Bachelor of the Sciences and Bachelor of Music…

Beauty & brains

By | Apr 30, 2009

Long striped skirt? Check. Gold coin earrings? Check. Rainbow-colored shoes? Check. As Katharyn Machan, professor of writing, puts on her outfit in the morning to wear to her classes, she runs through this list in her head. “It’s not a question of showing off, but of showing respect for each other by dressing in interesting…

Who’s on top?

By | Mar 19, 2009

Eric, an Ithaca College freshman, has something his friends don’t — his virginity. It’s not because he has bad luck with girls. Eric says he just has different ideas about hooking up. Though his friends might not get it — new data show that plenty of other college students do. Rebecca Plante, associate professor of…