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Double vision

By | Mar 7, 2008

Up close, a cell phone looks pretty small. At least at first. Stand back and you’ll find yourself staring at 426,000, the average number of cell phones disposed of in the United States per day. Statistical shock is at the root of “Running the Numbers: An American Self-Portrait,” one of two new exhibits at Ithaca…

Professor works his magic at Ithaca College and Cornell

By | Feb 8, 2008

Norman Johnson’s class moves like a zombie dance party. Actors lie rigid and shaking on the floor, eventually coming to life as they court one another with elaborate, improvised contortions of every limb possible. Johnson, associate professor of theater arts, circles with a keen eye for controlled madness, offering advice to certain students and letting…

Theater students take Shakespeare around campus

By | Dec 13, 2007

Inside the Hoerner in the Dillingham Center, “The Last Night of Ballyhoo” is somewhere in its first act. It’s a fairly lavish production playing to a nearly sold-out crowd, dressed with ushers, advertisement-bearing programs and intricate lighting. In the Dillingham lobby, something else is happening. A small crew of dedicated theater students is rehearsing quietly,…

Iowa reggae band spreads message to the east coast

By | Nov 1, 2007

Public Property, a seven-piece reggae band from Iowa, has opened for bands like The Roots and will stop in Ithaca on Tuesday as part of a national tour. Staff Writer Mike Spreter spoke with frontman Dave Bess about reggae in the Midwest and how the band fits the genre’s rich past. Mike Spreter: Your name,…

Romance film lacks emotion and depth

By | Oct 4, 2007

Richard Linklater’s “Before Sunset,” a golden diary of the 80 minutes shared by two hypothetical soul mates as they glide through Paris, is a triumph in part because it mediates its humanism without lapsing into sloppy pathos. It creates two people we may choose to love despite being dragged through their requisite faults, reminding us…