June 5, 2023
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Figure of Soul: Searching for joy

By | May 2, 2023

I asked some people who were the kindest and warmest to me during the ups and downs in my first year of college to share what brings joy to their souls

Figure of Soul: Wisdom for a life full of love

By | Apr 25, 2023

These quotes by Marcus Aurelius humble me when I am happy, comfort me when I am sad, pause me when I am running too fast

Figure of Soul: Order creates disordered life

By | Apr 18, 2023

Similarly, order is formed to become disorder, according to the concept of entropy: any spontaneous process increases the disorder of the universe. 

Figure of Soul: Hug a tree for soul healing

By | Apr 11, 2023

I felt extraordinarily sad and hopeless this week and could not pinpoint what was pressuring my mind and body.

Figure of Soul: Growing like a mindful verb

By | Apr 4, 2023

All of us would receive different yet unique gifts at different times; however, we should not be focusing on receiving the gifts.

Figure of Soul: Gratefulness is a power prayer

By | Mar 28, 2023

Gratitude means giving full power and your trust to the universe instead of trying to force it to make something happen.

Figure of Soul: Meditating out of modernity

By | Mar 23, 2023

“Ships sink because of the holes water gets through. Do not let what is happening around you get inside you and weigh you down.”