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Not your average cup of joe

By | Apr 12, 2007

While preparing a Hazelnut Seduction, barista Leslie Bode fills a blender partially with ice and hazelnut flavoring. After grinding the coffee beans and evening the amount by tamping them, she checks the hopper for old espresso. Bode makes a shot by creating a fuse for seven seconds before letting it drop into a small mug.…

Vampire novel: something to sink your teeth into

By | Feb 8, 2007

While it could be fun to partake in neck sucking on Valentine’s Day, it might be even more enjoyable to read about two undead teens draining the blood out of San Francisco. Christopher Moore’s latest novel, “You Suck: A Love Story” ($21.95), is here just in time for the Hallmark season. Tommy, a well-mannered yet…

Comedian gives off-color guidelines for etiquette

By | Nov 16, 2006

There really is no better way to make money than by taking advantage of unsuspecting house guests. This seems to be Amy Sedaris’ mantra in her book, “I Like You: Hospitality Under the Influence” ($27.99). As the title suggests, Sedaris dedicates the better portion of her words to drug and alcohol references, but also informs…