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Ithaca College’s first Mr. Ithaca hits the music scene

By | Apr 24, 2008

Though he graduated with a philosophy degree, Paul Canetti ’05 always knew he waned to be a musician. “As soon as I could talk I was singing,” Canetti said. “I’ve always been performing in one way or another.” Canetti began playing piano in the third grade and was actively involved in choral, theater and a…

Tuba professor infuses life with passion for music

By | Mar 20, 2008

Two years ago, Dave Unland was given a 20 percent survival rate after doctors diagnosed him with esophageal cancer. Five weeks after surgery, the associate professor of music performance was back playing the tuba in concerts — this time with a chemotherapy bag attached to his body. “I refused to stop functioning,” he said. Unland…

Pilfers choose Ithaca

By | Mar 7, 2008

The Pilfers has played its unique blend of ska, pop, metal, reggae and dub in New York City since 1997. The band, formed by vocalist Obiajula, aka Coolie Ranx, and trombonist Vinny Nobile, played until 2001. Recently the original band, including members Anna Milat-Meyer, James Blanck and Nick Bacon, reunited to play select live shows.…

Jimkata brings camaraderie to local music scene

By | Feb 22, 2008

Some fans think Jimkata’s name is a combination of gymnastics and karate. It’s actually a play on an old kung-fu film, “Gymkata,” but rhythm guitarist Evan Friedell ’07 said he isn’t opposed to the fans’ creativity. “I like the gymnastics and karate [idea],” Friedell said. “We can do flips and kick [butt] at the same…

Final ‘Resident Evil’ installment lacks focus

By | Sep 28, 2007

Paul W.S. Anderson brings the last installment of the “Resident Evil” series with “Extinction,” based on the popular video game series of the same name. In both the films and the games, an evil corporation ominously named Umbrella creates a powerful virus that unintentionally brings the dead back to life. With a new desert setting…