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‘Arcade Fire’ revamps sound with electronic melodies

By | Aug 26, 2010

Arcade Fire had an impossible task to face for its third studio album “The Suburbs.” In the last decade, the band released both a flawless, game-changing debut and an incredible sophomore album. How could any band possibly live up to the hype and expectations generated by its first two records? By all accounts, “The Suburbs”…

New Orleans music makes way to Ithaca

By | Feb 12, 2009

Since October 2007, seven students from Rochester’s Eastman School of Music calling themselves The Po’Boys Brass Band have been creating a new genre of New Orleans brass funk rock. Using jazz instruments to create an un-jazz-like sound, The Po’Boys Brass Band will play at 9 p.m. Sunday at Castaways with local band The Buddhi. Staff…

Ithaca’s opening production tells tale of troubled woman

By | Oct 4, 2007

Ithaca College Theatre is kicking off its 2007–2008 season by putting new energy into an old classic. Henrik Ibsen’s “Hedda Gabler” will come to life in the Clark Theatre this weekend. The play may have been written in the late 19th century, but through a new adaptation by contemporary playwright Andrew Upton, the cast and…