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Disney moves forward with ‘Meet the Robinsons’

By | Apr 12, 2007

A fast-paced plot, witty humor and technical brilliance are the ingredients that bring together Disney’s newest animated comedy, “Meet the Robinsons.” The movie’s creative salvation lies within the digital 3-D presentation available at most movie theaters. Moviegoers get the added excitement of keeping the 3-D glasses given to them at the front door. “Meet the…

Jim Carrey suspense film is miscast and complicated

By | Mar 8, 2007

Despite director Joel Schumacher’s best efforts, “The Number 23” is an ambitious but muddled failure. The screenplay is structured after the “23 Enigma,” which states that all significant events, names, dates and times are somehow connected to the number 23. The movie is a clever enough psychological thriller about a book with the ability to…