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Students create DJ company to display their love of music

By | Apr 21, 2009

Speakers are blaring and, holding headphones in his left ear, sophomore Justin Lee pushes the levers on his mixer with his right hand. New hip-hop beats wind through the house, while the crowd grinds on the busy dance floor. To Lee, this is euphoria. Lee, a physical therapy major, labels himself as a hard worker…

IC Players reinact dry humor of a writer’s life

By | Apr 16, 2009

In Athens, approximately 500 B.C, two Greeks are in a heated debate over the ending of the play they are both writing. Both red in the face and veins bulging from their head, each one cannot decide whether to start a play backwards or forwards. One of them, Hepatitis, the writer, decides to walk forward…

New major takes video games to the next level

By | May 1, 2008

Helicopters are flying overhead. Explosions from grenades can be heard in the distance. Soldiers gather in a fort and engage in battle against the enemy. Bullets blaze through the wind and hit their targets effortlessly. The battle ends and the good guys are left standing. Then the credits begin to roll and the professor turns…

New program offers students free music

By | Mar 9, 2007

Lounging in his pajamas and hanging out with friends on a Sunday afternoon in his dorm room, freshman Rob Logan decides to turn on some music. He sits down at his computer, double clicks the Ruckus Player icon on the desktop and suddenly the room is filled with the electronic sounds of Basement Jaxx. “I’ve…