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Review: New album features annoyingly repetitive melodies

By | Oct 19, 2021

“BADBADNOTGOOD” has brought listeners “Talk Memory,” an album that features annoying and repetitive melodies with an aimless ambiance.

‘Deja View’ – Women in Film: “Across the Universe” (2007)

By | Oct 6, 2021

The Ithacan · ‘Deja View’ – Women in Film: “Across the Universe” (2007)
This week, host Sydney Brumfield and junior Maddy Leitner discuss the 2007 film “Across the Universe.” Listen to hear about the out-of-this-world visual strategy and how this film impacted Leitner.

Review: Latest Nick Cage disaster features disturbing scenes

By | Sep 28, 2021

The newest Nick Cage movie is as disturbing in its excessive gore as it is in the way it treats its female characters.

Column: Cinema experiences social media influencer takeover

By | Sep 21, 2021

Concurrent with the rise of the social media influencer has been the influencer-to-movie-stardom pipeline.

‘Deja View’ – Women in Film: “Mean Girls” (2004)

By | Sep 14, 2021

The Ithacan · ‘Deja View’ – “Mean Girls” (2004)
Welcome back to Deja View!

Review: “Shang-Chi” raises the bar for Marvel movies to come

By | Sep 14, 2021

“Shang-Chi” is a sturdy stand-alone film that is delightful no matter an audience member’s knowledge of the Marvel franchise.

Veganism plants roots in campus community

By , | Sep 8, 2021

Junior Maddy Leitner enjoys a Jonah’s Jive sandwich, one of the plant-based options from Ithaca Bakery on Sept. 6 in IC Square.

Review: Highly anticipated sci-fi movie lacks substance

By | Aug 31, 2021

“Reminiscence” is trying to do too much in the time constraint placed upon a feature film. The environment and plot had a lot of potential to be great, but it missed the mark.

Review: “Free Guy” brings sharp writing and humor to action genre

By | Aug 24, 2021

While being an extremely entertaining summer action flick, “Free Guy” also explores complex and relevant themes with a dash of intellect.

Review: Summer 2021 movie releases

“The Suicide Squad,” “Black Widow,” “Summer of Soul” and “Jungle Cruise” were films that created noise in a summer movie season with many releases.

Review: Horror film twists tropes

By | May 3, 2021

“Things Heard & Seen” is a new approach on the familiar horror-trope of a family getting more than they bargained for when spirits accompany their new home.

Review: Superhero flick has super strange comedy

By | Apr 23, 2021

Ben Falcone’s “Thunder Force” is a lighthearted superhero comedy, but some of the comedy doesn’t land well.