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CPMA and TV-R set to merge

By | Apr 15, 2011

Early this morning Diane Gayeski, dean of the Roy H. Park School of Communications, announced in an email to members of the Park community that the proposed merger of the cinema, photography and media arts and television-radio departments has been approved.

Food network

By | Mar 10, 2011

Carisa Fallon can still taste the vine-ripened tomatoes she bit into like apples when she was a child — warm tomatoes she sprinkled with salt.

College sets 2011-12 tuition

By | Feb 21, 2011

Ithaca College announced yesterday that the Board of Trustees approved a budget for the 2011-12 academic year that will set next year’s tuition and room and board at $48,132 compared to $45,944 this year.

Bridging the Gap

By | Feb 3, 2011

Now that freshman Anna Talarico is finally settled into her second semester at Ithaca College, the remnants of the eight months she spent perfecting her Spanish in Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands have begun to fade — literally. “I had a beautiful tan,” Talarico said. “And now I’m white as snow.” Talarico said she keeps…

Scholar reflects on storytelling

By | Dec 2, 2010

Kiran Nagarkar, renowned Indian writer and Fulbright Visiting Scholar, encourages students at Ithaca College to embrace life with open arms. With support from the School of Humanities and Sciences and the honors program, Nagarkar was brought to the college to lecture this fall and will continue to give the campus community a taste of contemporary…

Rochon picks Marisa Kelly as new college provost

By | Dec 2, 2010

Marisa Kelly has been chosen as Ithaca College’s next provost and vice president for academic affairs, President Tom Rochon announced today.

Genital surgeries come under national scrutiny

By | Oct 21, 2010

Janet Green ’79 grew up wondering if there was something wrong with her. As a child born with an enlarged clitoris, Green said jumbled memories of being exposed in hospitals and paraded in front of doctors characterized the early years of her life. Before Green even left the hospital, she had already undergone her first…

Dance for peace

By | Sep 23, 2010

Joseph Drumn, with his wiry gray hair pulled back into a ponytail at the nape of his neck, beats on a large drum, bouncing to the beat with his mouth gaping open. Drumn isn’t the only one lost in the rhythm. More than a dozen others are gathered around a pile of logs, not yet…

A symphony of support

By | Sep 9, 2010

The last time Joshua Oxford’s band, OXtet, rehearsed was July 26, the day the 25-year-old musician came face to face with death. Bandmates were waiting for Oxford at a friend’s house, but he never showed up to rehearsal. After an hour passed, they piled into a van to make sure their friend was OK. Dan…

Professor to spend sabbatical teaching photography to Saudis

By | Aug 26, 2010

After attending an academic leadership workshop in Saudi Arabia in January, Janice Levy, professor of cinema, photography and media arts, was asked to return to teach a photography class for women at Princess Nora Bint Abdulrahman University. Levy sat down with Assistant News Editor Taylor Long to share her goals and expectations as she prepares…

New projects link campus curriculum

By | Aug 26, 2010

With a new series of Ithaca College Integrative Curriculum (IC2) demonstration projects launching this fall, Ithaca College continues to demonstrate a desire to expand integrative curriculum initiatives.

European airports work to clear traffic after volcano

By | Apr 22, 2010

After being grounded since last Thursday, planes and weary travelers across Europe are finally seeing movement on the runway.