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Video: The End of the World

By | Apr 11, 2013

Ithaca College faculty holds a panel to discuss the likelihood of an apocalypse and how the world will eventually come to an end.

Video: A Vintage Art Show

By | Mar 20, 2013

The IC Comedy Club holds a “Vintage Art Show” in IC Square and talks about winning the audience over despite nerves and bad jokes.

Video: Freedom Through Storytelling

By | Feb 14, 2013

Regina Carpenter, a lecturer in the Department of Communication Studies, creates a class that requires students to tell stories every week.

Video: Ithaca’s third annual Chowder Cook-Off

By | Dec 12, 2012

Residents gather for a fun day of chowder tasting on The Commons.

Video: Snap Judgment – How handle contradicting federal and state laws

By | Nov 15, 2012

There are state laws in place right, such as marijuana and same sex marriage, that contradict federal laws. Ithaca College students answer how the government should handle such dilemmas.

Video: Snap Judgment – Most important issues in presidential campaign

By | Oct 23, 2012

As the presidential campaign draws closer we asked students what issues they thought were most important in the presidential campaign.

Video: Snap Judgment – How increase school spirit at Ithaca College

By | Oct 10, 2012

Ithaca College’s second spirit week is underway with a mix of new and old events to foster campus pride in the student body. How could Ithaca College increase school spirit?

Video: Snap Judgment – Ithaca College targets young alumni for donations

By | Oct 2, 2012

Ithaca College is targeting young alumni to gain endowment. Do you think the college should target the young alumni for donations?

Video: Snap Judgment – How to improve housing

By | Sep 26, 2012

Student Government Association elections are coming up. We asked students what issues SGA should focus on to improve housing.