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‘The 2012 Senior Student Show’: College seniors look to future with art

By | Apr 25, 2012

With a little bit of mundane life, a few representations of the underrepresented aspects of college life and a whole lot of introspection, the senior class art show displays the talent of the graduating class. “The 2012 Senior Student Show,” curated by senior art history major Nora Kharmoudi, opened last Thursday in the Handwerker Gallery…

Dedication and drive propel senior’s career

By | Apr 6, 2012

When senior Alana Koehler steps out of Ithaca College with her bachelor’s degree in exercise science in hand, she will leave for a place she least expected. “It’s sort of ironic,” she said. “I applied to a bunch of different places all over the country, and I end up accepting the one that is right…

Collection of cultures

By | Mar 8, 2012

It can’t be seen in the carved, wooden mask depicting a squashed human face. It isn’t evident in the contemporary painting that presents a woman in a brightly colored robe with wild criss-cross brushstrokes.

Exhibition pinpoints talented faculty

By | Feb 1, 2012

Walk across the Academic Quad, step up the two sets of cement stairs and “You Are Here” — at the Ithaca College faculty art show, where the display of mixed media and bright paintings, structural sculptures and large-scale photographs, represent what art at the college means. This year’s faculty art show, “You Are Here,” at…

Closer to color

By | Oct 6, 2011

When local artist Melissa Zarem began many of the pieces in her latest collection, she started on the hardwood floor of her studio.

Midwest art forms disjointed exhibit

By | Sep 14, 2011

The figure is one of the most fundamental parts of human existence. Artists spend lifetimes studying it. They learn its different lines, angles, curves and shades. Then they spend the rest of their career drawing, painting and experimenting, all just to find ways of interpreting it.

All the world’s his stage

By | Dec 8, 2010

When senior Ben Fankhauser was young, he would stand outside the stage door to theaters in his hometown Cleveland, Ohio, after a show finished with a Sharpie and his program. He would wait in the freezing cold to get the cast and director’s autographs.

A natural proposal

By | Nov 18, 2010

Junior Devan Johnson arrived at her house in Oneonta, N.Y., with her boyfriend Justin Luettger, a junior at Davis College in Johnson City, N.Y., on Halloween night to find a row of pumpkins carved in Disney font spelling the words “Will You Marry Me?” Johnson said seeing the lit proposal immediately sent her mind in…

Art branches out with pieces on trees

By | Nov 3, 2010

From a 15th-century woodcut depicting the scene of the Fall of Man with vine-covered, leafy trees to a print of a tree farm in China littered with plastic bags, the latest exhibit at the Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art at Cornell University looks at trees from all angles.

Calling the shots

By | Oct 20, 2010

In March, senior Kyle Mullen had to leave Ithaca College. As other students were arriving back from spring break trips, he was packing up to go to New Horizons Chemical Dependency Treatment Program, an inpatient rehabilitation center in Binghamton.

Seeing double

By | Sep 22, 2010

With one exhibit pairing a picture of a monkey with a wire cup and another exhibit merging Chinese culture with other cultures across the world, the Handwerker Gallery at Ithaca College is opening its season with many of the possibilities in printmaking.

Art exposes other side of Mideast

By | Sep 15, 2010

Turkish women dress in panther suits, gossiping and sucking down glasses of wine. Iranian men and women talk and fight in typical soap opera drama scenes. These are not the usual images of the Middle East and Central Asia in the media, but they’re a reality in the collection at the Herbert F. Johnson Museum…