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New exhibit shows ways water flows through life

By | Mar 5, 2009

The sound of flowing water was constant at the opening of the new Handwerker Gallery exhibit last Thursday. The tink-tink of metal clanging together mingled with the quiet rush of water gushing over a river’s edge filled the room. Using an innovative mix of media and classic sculptural techniques, the exhibit inspired new ways of…

Ancient idea of Eden rediscovered through art

By | Feb 19, 2009

Warming sunlight flows over growing green earth, and the luscious grass drinks in the light in an untouched world. Graceful vines intertwine across the trees, creating protection and comfort. The light blue sky shines cloudless, casting its unrivaled beauty over the wonderfully perfect land — Eden. This is a series of photographs exploring the complex…

Featuring femininity

By | Jan 29, 2009

A mother holds her child securely in her arms in a print hanging on the far right wall of the Handwerker Gallery. She is surrounded by swirling colors of light blue, peach and black that twist around her body, filling the frame. Across the gallery, another print shows two women standing gracefully. Reaching to their…

‘The Development’ isn’t just for grandmothers

By | Nov 7, 2008

From within the metal gates and keypad entrance of a gated community, John Barth’s new book, “The Development” ($18.40), eloquently shatters all images of the golden age of retirement with sarcasm and wit. Presenting the dark reality of life as it heads into decline, Barth displays the less-glorious side of getting older. Hailed by critics…

Cult theater makes annual return with ‘Rocky Horror’

By | Oct 31, 2008

Most students would do anything to get off-campus at a decent time come Friday afternoons. But this weekend, it wouldn’t be surprising to see students line Williams Hall well past midnight. Full of drama, music, sexual innuendoes, fishnet tights, corsets and heels, the IC Players will bring the mad world of “The Rocky Horror Picture…

Freedom in dance

By | Sep 18, 2008

Four dancers sprint to their partners, each of whom is stationed at the four corners of the room. With unflinching confidence, they jump upside down into their partners’ waiting arms. The duets spin in unison before each dancer breaks away, and both are on the floor again. Down the entrance steps to studio three of…