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Free to stream

By | Mar 28, 2008

For a college student, the pursuit of cheap media is an ongoing struggle. With CDs and movie tickets about $10 each, it is hard to be hip on a Terrace Dining Hall paycheck. During the past few years, South Hill students have learned firsthand the risks of illegal downloading, via cease-and-desist warnings from the Recording…

Elections yield low turnout

By | Nov 8, 2007

Local elections may not be winning as much media attention as next year’s presidential bids, but several important local races were decided during Election Day on Tuesday. According to the Tompkins County Board of Elections, approximately 1,593 citizens voted in elections held in the Town of Ithaca, while 1,330 votes were cast in the City…

Bringing the funk to Ithaca

By | Nov 8, 2007

Freekbass, a Cincinnati trio that performs hard funk influenced by mentor and producer Bootsy Collins, will play at 9 p.m. at The Haunt tonight to support their new live DVD, “A Sliver of Shiver.” Senior Writer William Earl spoke to bassist and lead singer Freekbass about audience energy, regional funk and the genius of Dr.…

Midterm election results

By | Nov 8, 2007

The Mayor Candidates Carolyn K. Peterson* (Democratic / Working Families) Description of Position Chief executive officer of the City and presides at meetings of the Common Council. Candidate’s Key Issues –The strengthening of relations between the City and area schools, colleges and universities –Enhanced economic prosperity of the City –Affordable housing for all economic subsets…

A dangerous fixation

By | Nov 1, 2007

When Ithaca College senior Jon* met Mollie, it was love at first sight. “I’m used to taking Ecstasy a lot, so when my buddy whipped out Mollie for the first time, I just popped it without thinking,” he said. “Once I got jacked up on it, I was set for the night.” Jon said the…

Race issues in the news

By | Oct 4, 2007

The “D.P. No” Incident (Ithaca, N.Y.) On Sept. 18, four female, African-American Cornell University students were eating at D.P. Dough downtown. Two white men allegedly entered the restaurant, making sexist, harassing comments directed at the women. As an altercation brewed, the manager asked the women to leave the restaurant. When they did not, Ithaca Police…

‘D-War’ boasts high budget but fails to deliver

By | Sep 21, 2007

This year, one movie was able to bridge the gap between geek and chic, using a compelling story and brilliant special effects to satisfy both fanboys and the average American. That movie was “Transformers.” Hoping to capitalize off the vast amount of money drawn in by that film, “Dragon Wars” — also billed as “D-War”…

Making the scene

By | Sep 20, 2007

Though its exterior displays little more than a quaint sign and a few flyers, nothing extraordinary grasps the attention of those who pass Micawber’s Tavern on Aurora St. Yet upon entering the dark bar, it’s hard not to be impressed by the floor crowded with Ithaca College students, enjoying the kitschy vibe. Senior Tyson Jurgens…

Actor goes for the gold

By | Apr 19, 2007

When the curtain rises, mild-mannered senior Jeremy Jordan turns into an animal. At a rehearsal for Ithaca College Theatre’s “The Count of Monte Cristo” last month, his voice rises, syllables become crisper and movement develops into elegance. A sparkle in his eye glistens. As the center of attention, he is hard to ignore. But Susan…