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Right ideologies distort Marxism

By | Apr 24, 2019

In addition, as Žižek suggests –– because the influence of Hegel in Marx’s thought is paramount –– this return to Marx must be bolstered by a return to Hegel.

Rampant consumerism harms all classes

By | Apr 10, 2019

Here, the luxury items act as the medium through which human value is assessed.

Capitalism spurs white supremacy

By | Mar 27, 2019

Unless there emerges a viable political left that addresses class issues, the left will keep losing to reactionary conservatism.

Kamala Harris, hypocrisy and the black professional class

By | Mar 6, 2019

America does not need another black face wearing a white mask. We had that for eight years with Barack Obama.

Class warfare in France

By | Feb 13, 2019

It is undeniable that French workers know when they are being exploited.