November 27, 2015
Ithaca, NY


Allison Latini/The Ithacan

Editorial: Rochon’s public relations campaign headed south

Rochon seems to be digging himself deeper into a hole of contradictions and continues to avoid the very issues that put him on the defensive.

Editorial: Faculty Council vote suggests shift in power

The fact the vote is happening shows that power is beginning to fall into new hands.

Editorial: Support can be found in other campus movements

This movement, as it becomes nationalized, has fostered the collaboration among different institutions.

Editorial: Community should write to IC Board of Trustees

Students, faculty and staff disappointed with administration can express concerns directly to the Board of Trustees via letters or emails

Open Letter: Former student body president supports those calling for Rochon’s resignation

The summary is, Rochon’s priorities (and potentially heart) aren’t what Ithaca College really needs, now.

Worrying can actually benefit overall mental health

Amelia Erikson examines why your mental health is important.

No one’s account of an instance of racism should be ignored

A column about identity issues written by Frances Johnson and Marissa Booker.

Commentary: Whiteness should be named and contextualized

I believe it is important to begin seeing whiteness as something tangible and thus assailable.

Commentary: Campus dialogue has been lost in activism

I fear we are in danger of losing sight of the essential, critical dimensions of argument.

Commentary: Student speaks at Black Lives Matter event

When emotions are triggered by the justifying language used followed by the uncomfortable chuckles of co­-workers, how do I remain calm?

Q&A: Richardson discusses role as chief diversity officer

“These are not new issues. They’re not new issues for our nation. They’re not new issues for institutions of higher education.”

Letter to the Editor: Ithaca local thanks two IC students

There is truly simple kindness in the world that we sometimes fail to recognize in the midst of the opposite happening all around us.