February 1, 2015
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Allison Latini/The Ithacan

Editorial: Waiting for The Commons

The city must finish construction on The Commons before it is too late. Local businesses have been suffering more than anticipated.

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New technology may offer hope

Amelia Erikson examines why your mental health is important.

Editorial: ASR is not the hero we need

Although it is important to be able to advocate for and provide resources to students at risk, CAPS still needs another full-time position.

Editorial: College deserves praise for MLK Day celebration

Ithaca College is one of a select number of institutions that actively celebrates MLK Day, instead of seeing the national holiday as a day off.

Editorial: College must release results of campus-climate survey

This semester, the Ithaca College administration created a discussion group to review the results of the Fall 2012 Campus Acceptance, Inclusion and Fairness Survey.

Editorial: More funding for counseling services is necessary

The Office of Counseling and Wellness has been receiving an overwhelming number of students needing services.

Editorial: Micro-aggressions definition must be clarified

“Micro-aggressions” are often subtle, derogatory remarks — both intentional and unintentional — that target minority or underrepresented groups.

Commentary: ICTV should create more spaces for inclusivity

We question who holds the leadership of ICTV accountable for misleading our community into believing that there is no place for our experiences in media.

Commentary: Police behaved inhumanely in Danby standoff

On Hornbrook Road in the town of Danby stands the remnants of the Cady household after a 60-hour standoff between David Cady and the local police.

Commentary: Martin Luther King Jr.’s message still relevant

The movie “Selma” demonstrates that today’s activists deserve the same respect and consideration we now give the Civil Rights Movement.

Commentary: Charlie Hebdo abused freedom of expression

Charlie Hebdo crossed the line between satire and hate speech in its depictions of the prophet Muhammad.

Commentary: Students should re-evaluate protest approach

We applaud the Ithaca College students who felt compelled to take to the streets of Ithaca recently to protest and to bring light to national issues of racial and social injustice.

Snap Judgment- integrative core curriculum themes

Ithaca College students answer the question “What is your ICC theme and why did you choose it?”

Letter to the Editor: The privileged must get involved with Ferguson

What role does an affluent white teenager — literally and figuratively thousands of miles away from the Michael Brown case — play in the wake of the decision against the indictment of Darren Wilson?