July 27, 2016
Ithaca, NY


Fernando Ferraz/The Ithacan

Open Letter: SGA supports faculty and staff concerns

It is incredibly disheartening that despite consistent voicing of “No Confidence” across constituencies, Tom Rochon’s leadership continues to be destructive towards the education of students, as well as the treatment of faculty and staff.

Editorial: Study abroad cuts reflect lack of community input

Continuing to make decisions that have a direct impact on educational opportunities with little student input paints the picture of a college that cares little about its students’ holistic learning.

Editorial: College must recognize harm of microaggressions

While most microaggressions are unintentional, the negative impact they have on students must be acknowledged.

Editorial: Initial IC Office platform lacks diversity issues

It initially misses a key point that this community cares about: its stance on diversity and inclusion initiatives.

Open Letter: Contingent faculty show support for unified fair contract

“As dedicated teachers who care deeply about our students and Ithaca College, we are prepared to take action both at the bargaining table and in our campus community to make these changes a reality.”

What happened to compromise?

Kyle Stewart provides a conservative perspective on current events.

Trigger warnings should not be used as they prevent growth

Amelia Erikson examines why your mental health is important.

Not an A-plus math student

A column about identity issues written by Frances Johnson and Nuria Hunter.

Commentary: Rhetorical failure catalyzes campus crisis

What language — what rhetorical strategies — do people in leadership positions use when they attempt to pacify the public during periods of crisis? Why were President Rochon’s rhetorical appeals to the campus community unsuccessful?

Commentary: High-stress college model is unsustainable

I can finish my degree whenever I want. But I cannot put my mental and emotional health off any longer.

Commentary: Buzzfeed editor and alumnus offers job advice

I work at BuzzFeed and people love making references to our lists (we don’t say “listicles”), so here are three fundamental truths I’ve learned that might help.

Letter to the Editor: Mental illness should not be sensationalized

It is problematic that a mental illness is being sensationalized in such a way and I am disappointed that my own struggles have been exploited to attract more readers.

Q&A: Healthcare group to provide medical care in Malawi

A team of Ithaca College healthcare professionals will be traveling to Malawi at the end of May to provide medical care.

Q&A: Ithaca College senior receives award for service work

Senior Brendan Davis was recently recognized as a 2016 Newman Civic Fellow, an award given to college students and leaders dedicated to service work focused on seeking solutions for challenges faced by communities across the country.