March 4, 2015
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Allison Latini/The Ithacan

Editorial: OSEMA should investigate miscalculation of funds

The Ithaca College Student Government Association announced Feb.

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Pills cannot boost brainpower, despite popular belief

Amelia Erikson examines why your mental health is important.

Editorial: College should improve the campus climate survey

There is no doubt that the Ithaca College Campus Acceptance, Inclusion and Fairness Survey, which attempted to measure the campus climate about diversity and inclusion by drawing on the opinions of students, faculty and staff, needs improvement.

Editorial: Marijuana reporting lacks consistency

Ithaca College lacks consistency when it comes to the frequency with which student marijuana use is reported, as well as the severity of resulting penalties.

Editorial: College supports student ventures

Last week, Push Interactive, a company founded by Ithaca College seniors Stephen Briggs and Andrew Sowers, Calvin Chestnut ’14 and Austin Shoecraft ’14, was purchased by GORGES Inc.

Editorial: Survey results prove campus lacks inclusivity

After more than two years, Ithaca College has released an executive summary of the results of the 2012 Campus Acceptance, Inclusion and Fairness Survey.

Editorial: College produces noteworthy number of Fulbrights

The college has received high praise from the Chronicle of Higher Education for being a “top producer of Fulbright students.”

Editorial: Student group engages in critical conversations

The Collective has created opportunities for critical thought and discussion on issues of systemic racism and oppression.

Faculty Research: Discussions of race in higher education

Currently in the field of higher education, “diversity” is regularly discussed as an unproblematic ideal.

Commentary: Hammond Health Center needs more resources

It is clear that the center is understaffed and overbooked, resulting in a supply of resources that simply cannot meet the demand that our college presents.

Commentary: Deaf community is not disabled

Deaf people can do everything hearing people can do. They can drive, learn, teach, tell jokes, play instruments, cook — the list goes on.

Commentary: Microaggressions encourage further violence

We need to take a step back and analyze the very real implications of having such a “microaggressive” campus climate.

Letter to the Editor: The privileged must get involved with Ferguson

What role does an affluent white teenager — literally and figuratively thousands of miles away from the Michael Brown case — play in the wake of the decision against the indictment of Darren Wilson?