February 13, 2016
Ithaca, NY


Allison Latini/The Ithacan

Editorial: Student turnout too low at input opportunities

The Ithaca College student body has a history of low turnout to events or meetings that help shape the campus climate it protests.

Editorial: College should practice transparency in investing

No one can begin to address the prospect of divesting until we know who we need to divest from, if anyone.

Editorial: Ithaca College has lost sight of its vision

We cannot simply hire a new president and expect that person to change everything, to provide the new direction the college needs.

Editorial: Protests not only reason for Rochon stepping down

Ithaca College President Tom Rochon’s decision to step down from his position is most often associated with the image of students taking the stage at his own event to discuss “community action on racism and cultural bias” Oct.

Open Letter: Ithaca College staff break public silence

We are aware of and committed to eradicating institutional racism and intimidation, and to ensuring justice and equity in all experiences of our students of color and all other marginalized communities.

Donald Trump lacks GOP values

Kyle Stewart provides a conservative perspective on current events.

Trigger warnings should not be used as they prevent growth

Amelia Erikson examines why your mental health is important.

Racism defines white identity

A column about identity issues written by Frances Johnson and Marissa Booker.

Commentary: Why I am not voting for Bernie Sanders

Aside from his terrible economic ideas, Bernie Sanders also has another problem: He will be unable to work with Congress.

Commentary: Race is a social construct

Indeed, the concept of ‘race’ as it pertains to human beings is scientifically null and void — but of course, it certainly has a lived, biological reality.

IC MLK Scholar alumnus explains why students are protesting

Allowing students of color into the house does not mean that they have the same educational opportunities as their white peers. The students are in arms because they understand this, perhaps even more than administrators.

Letter to the Editor: Professor criticizes Board of Trustees

Instead of scolding the very people on whom Rochon and the Board will be relying to keep the college functioning, the Board might want to rethink its tone and scope of authority.

Q&A: New Ithaca College dean discusses goals for H&S school

I want to think very creatively and proactively about accelerating faculty diversity through recruitment in order to meet the needs of students in a changing time.

IC student teaches program for future generation of leaders

There need to be leaders in the school and people that can lead by example, so to get those students that are true leaders to be an example for other students is key.