April 21, 2014
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Jon Yoskin

Editorial: College dives into larger pool

The growth of the pool of applicants versus the consistent admitted students’ numbers opens the possibility of greater selectivity for future classes to the college

Opinion Columns

Common Sense

Dylan Maloney takes a gander at money and power.

The ‘U’ in Education

Frances Johnson examines where you fit into education.

Editorial: A sign of trouble

Amid numerous acts of vandalism this year was the recent theft of four letters from the Ithaca College sign located on Lyceum Drive.

Editorial: Deer-ly departed

Cornell University’s approach to deer population control is necessary but needs to adopt more humane practices.

Editorial: Rotten options may taint image

Limited food choices in the dining halls could make eating unsafe for students with dietary needs and deter future students from attending the college.

Editorial: Better off TEDx

Ithaca College held its first TEDx event, an independently organized version of the global Technology, Entertainment and Design Talks conferences, March 22.

Editorial: Books turn page for prisoners

A group of Ithaca College students formed a new organization, IC Save the Books, in January with the purpose of  improving education among inmates in New York by donating books to prisoners.

Guest commentary: Ithaca activism does not excuse students’ complacency

An active community is nothing without those who fight for social justice to keep democracy in check and maintain a fair and safe environment.

Guest commentary: Cornell’s costs require additional payments

Currently, Cornell University and the City of Ithaca have a Memorandum of Understanding that Cornell will pay $1.25 million a year in voluntary payments.

Faculty Research: International project studies research reproducibility

It was September of Fall 2013, and our Social Judgment Research Team in psychology had signed on to be part of the “Many Labs” project, the largest study of reproducibility in the history of psychology.

Guest Commentary: Court ruling drowns out free political speech

Last week, in the case McCutcheon v. FEC, the U.S. Supreme Court decided 5–4 to strike down limits on the total amount of money individuals can donate to candidates and political committees.

Guest commentary: Cuba myths keep Americans trapped in past

The noise of an engine of a vintage Chevy sounds like popcorn popping uncontrollably in a kettle.

Snap Judgment

What do you wish you would have been told before enrolling at Ithaca College?

Letter to the editor: Student demand dictates variety of campus food offerings

I am writing this in response to the April 3 article in The Ithacan, titled “Dining Services attempts to meet special dietary restrictions.”


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