April 1, 2015
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Allison Latini/The Ithacan

Editorial: CAPS funding should have been approved

Ithaca College cannot claim its students are the top priority if the administration is not willing to provide the necessary support.

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Social media proves useful for mental health advocacy

Amelia Erikson examines why your mental health is important.

Editorial: Cheers to coaches

Ithaca College boasts a large number of committed and successful long-term coaches

Editorial: Ithaca College should reconsider ICC

Now is the time to take a step back from the ICC and create a strong general education program with fewer hoops for students to jump through.

Editorial: College must prioritize sustainability

Ithaca College failed to meet the latest milestone in the Climate Action Plan this year.

Editorial: Unionization would benefit college employees

Last month, the part-time faculty at Ithaca College began moving toward unionization with the help of Adjunct Action, a part of the Service Employees International Union Local 200United.

Editorial: OSEMA should investigate miscalculation of funds

The Ithaca College Student Government Association announced Feb.

Editorial: College should improve the campus climate survey

There is no doubt that the Ithaca College Campus Acceptance, Inclusion and Fairness Survey, which attempted to measure the campus climate about diversity and inclusion by drawing on the opinions of students, faculty and staff, needs improvement.

Faculty Research: Writing professor publishes personal essay

This is an excerpt of a personal essay titled “Compliance” written by Cory Brown, associate professor in writing.

Commentary: Disability of deafness not inherently negative

Not everyone uses the same equipment or communication style that I do, so there’s no universal answer to making a classroom more accessible.

Commentary: In support of unionization by part-time faculty

Not unlike gay marriage rights, part-time faculty unions are sweeping the nation, as The Ithacan also reported March 5 in the article “Part-time faculty across nation move toward unions.”

Commentary: The Importance of Women of Color in Leadership

Women of color are present and leading in many spaces but have little support within a system that prioritizes a white and masculine framework.

Letter to the Editor: In support of adjunct unionization

When I asked a former professor of mine about a future in higher education, she replied: “There isn’t one.