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Doja Cats fourth album, Scarlet, was released on Sept. 22 and features 17 new songs from the artist.

‘Scarlet’ does not escape the pop stereotype

By Sarah Mooney, Contributing Writer September 27, 2023
Doja’s past album “Planet Her” went above and beyond. It is unfair to judge because there is no way anything could surpass that album. This high expectation coupled with Doja’s attempt to escape her popstar reputation left many disappointed. Maybe pop is Doja’s forté and she should stick to music that constantly goes viral on TikTok.  
Sam (Megan Suri) in the horror movie It Lives Inside, facing battles of demonic and internal nature.

‘It Lives Inside’ honors East Indian culture while creating suspense

By Sarah Payne, Staff Writer September 27, 2023
“It Lives Inside'' was clearly created from a genuine place of honoring the Hindu religion and East Indian culture. Also, the characters are relatable to teenagers and can provide insightful lessons for parents and teens. However, the movie prioritized the sometimes cheesy character-centric plot line over the actual horror in the film, rendering the film as tense and exciting, but not frightening.
Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet (Jaime Vadell) is a hundreds-of-years-old vampire who is ready to die in the new movie El Conde.

‘El Conde’: Chilean dictator turned vampire

By Patrick Mazzella, Staff Writer September 25, 2023
Director Pablo Larrain has made a name for himself creating fairy tale-like reimaginings of real-life political figures, including Princess Diana of Wales and Jackie Kennedy. Now, in glorious black and white photography, Larrain offers a new take on brutal Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet, known as “El Conde.” In a turn of elaborate magical realism, the former South American president is revealed to have been a vampire, hundreds of years old, who has spent his years squashing revolutions and enforcing a strict authoritarian ideology. Set in the mid-1990s, the count has decided it is time for him to die, but not without one final meal.
Mitskis new album, The Land is Inhospitable and So Are We, is a hauntingly religious album that describes the complexities of romantic relationships.

Mitski’s new album haunts listeners in the best of ways

By Rowan Keller Smith, Staff Writer September 21, 2023
Released Sept. 15, “The Land Is Inhospitable and So Are We” stands out from the singer-songwriter's other discography. The album is both cinematic and intimate. There is a folky twang to the instrumentals, written by Drew Erickson, that work beautifully with her haunting lyrics and a beautiful, soft Southern Gothic undertone that permeates the album.
Tiny Fey, Michelle Yeoh and Kenneth Branaugh work to solve the murder mystery in A Haunting in Venice.

Poirot demonstrates new vulnerability in ‘A Haunting in Venice’

By Nolan Sheehan, Contributing Writer September 21, 2023

From the visionary director of “Murder on the Orient Express” and “Death on The Nile'' comes the next installment in Kenneth Branagh’s star-studded enclave of murder mystery thrillers, “A Haunting...

Corrine Bailey Raes new R&B album, Black Rainbows, had listeners feeling liberated, inspired and transformed from her gritty lyrics.

Corrine Bailey Rae masters a new musical frontier in ‘Black Rainbows’

By Sarah Payne, Staff Writer September 19, 2023
The near 45-minute album is liberating, inspired and transformative. “Black Rainbows”  is unafraid to be gritty in the humanity, hope and pain that fuels the topic matter, as well as in its spunky, yet sensual, production. The intricate focus clearly put on placing these songs in the right order on the tracklist helps enhance the listening experience. 
Review: Singles of the Week 9/8

Review: Singles of the Week 9/8

By Molly Fitzsimons, Co-Life and Culture Editor September 15, 2023

Song name: “RN” Artist: Joey Valence & Brae  Release date: 9/8 Record label: JVB RECORDS Review: Joey Valence & Brae released their new song “RN” Sept. 8, following their hit...

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 is the newest film in the My Big Fat Greek Wedding saga. While there is indeed a wedding at the films end, the movie essentially follows the Portokalos family on vacation.

Review: Yet another wedding for the Portokalos family

By Emma Kersting, Podcast Editor September 14, 2023
There are so many details in this movie that would take an excessive amount of time to explain. And yet, at the same time, so much of the film was spent following the Portokalos family on vacation. That’s it. They are on vacation in Greece; they eat, they dance, they laugh. What this film lacks in plot, it makes up for in heart.
Royal Bloods newest album, Back to the Water Below, features recognizable distorted sounds while introducing a new range of tones.

‘Back to the Water Below’ starts a new chapter of musical innovation

By Grace Vanderveer, Co-Design Editor September 13, 2023
Following a stark and unexpected change in style in their third album, “Typhoons,” Royal Blood sets a more comfortable standard for themselves with their new album, “Back to the Water Below.” 
In her new album, GUTS, Olivia Rodrigo shows listeners a transition in her lyrics as she goes from being a teenager to a young adult.

Rodrigo keeps sound consistent in ‘Guts’

By Jadyn Davis, Senior Staff Writer September 12, 2023
Following the success of her debut album “SOUR,” Olivia Rodrigo’s second album “GUTS,” shows that she is no longer the 17-year-old Disney kid singing about getting her driver's license, but now a 20-year-old who is having fun as she navigates young adulthood.
The Nun II is an even freakier story than The Nun, following a murder mystery-esque storyline into the Vatican.

‘The Nun II’ is the bloodier and more gory sister of ‘The Nun’

By Anusha Bhargava, Contributing Writer September 12, 2023
There are a few blood-soaked scenes and depictions of body horror that could be unsettling for some viewers, so the movie definitely lives up to its R rating. Tracking with its predecessor, “The Nun II” is a gold mine in terms of terrifying  — albeit more gory and violent —  makeup, special effects and imagery. 
PJ (Rachel Sennot) and Josie (Ayo Edebiri) attempt to wrangle a fight club at their high school in Emma Seligmans newest film.

Review: ‘Bottoms’ proves that not all gay films have to involve suffering

By Rowan Keller Smith, Staff Writer September 5, 2023
Director Emma Seligman brings some humor and pure entertainment to the modern sapphic cinematic canon with her recent film, “Bottoms.” The film follows Josie (Ayo Edebiri) and her hilariously unlikable best friend, PJ (Rachel Sennott), as they create a fight club in an attempt to hook up with their popular cheerleader crushes (Havana Rose Liu and Kaia Gerber).
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