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January 19, 2017   |   Ithaca, NY

What you get from The Ithacan

  • Access to more than 8,500 students, faculty, staff and subscribers each week.
  • Free design and typesetting, using the latest desktop publishing technology.
  • The Ithacan is ranked among the top college newspapers and websites in the country. The paper consistently wins the highest collegiate and professional awards available to student publications. The New York Press Association, for example, has named The Ithacan the best college newspaper in New York state 12 times in the past 15 years.
  • Professional service. The Ithacan employs a full-time professional adviser. Billing is handled by Ithaca College’s central accounting office ensuring accurate statements and a timely response to your inquiries.
  • Click here to download our advertising rates brochure (PDF format).
  • Click here to download our advertising contract form (PDF format).

Display Advertising Rates

Classified Advertising Rates

  • Add $1 per line for any bold or all-capital words within the line. One line equals 32 characters. Payment is due at the time the advertisement is placed. Classified Ads $4 minimum for the first 4 lines and $1 per additional line, per insertion.
  • Subheadings: For Sale, For Rent, Employment, Services, Notices, Sublet, Wanted, Lost/Found. Personal Ads $2 minimum for the first 4 lines and $1 per additional line, per insertion. Deadline Classified Advertising must be received by 5 p.m. on the Monday preceding publication.
  • Click here to download our classified advertisement submission form (PDF format).

Ithacan Advertising Policy

The Ithacan is committed in all its pages to maximizing the free exchange of information and ideas. There are, however, two types of advertisement that will be automatically refused:

  • Advertising that promotes the excessive and/or irresponsible consumption of alcohol, including, but not limited to, “all you can drink” specials and special drink prices, in compliance with the Ithaca College Solicitation and Advertising Policy.
  • Advertising promoting the writing of, or the sale of, pre-written term papers, as the sale of such items is in direct conflict with the academic mission of the institution.

In addition, The Ithacan may choose to refuse any advertising that, in the judgment of the sales manager and/or editor in chief, falls into any of the following categories:

  • Advertisements considered to be libelous.
  • Advertisements considered to be obscene.
  • Advertisements considered to be in poor taste.
  • Advertisements considered to be defamatory toward a group or individual.
  • Advertisements asserting claims that are clearly and demonstrably false, the publication of which might be damaging to the community.

The right of refusal is not limited to these categories, however. The paper reserves the right to refuse or to limit any and all advertising for any issue. Only the publication of an advertisement constitutes the acceptance of the advertisement.

The Ithacan reserves the right to identify copy with the word “Advertisement.”

The Ithacan assumes no financial responsibility for typographical or printing errors, or for omission of any copy on advertisements. “Make goods” will run, when appropriate, before billing adjustments are made. Billing adjustments will be based on what percentage the error detracts from the effectiveness of the total advertising message, as determined by the Ithacan Sales Manager and the Student Media Adviser. Such adjustments will not be considered if the Ithacan Sales Manager is not notified within 15 days.

Rates are subject to change without notice.