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November 20, 2017   |   Ithaca, NY

The Ithacan is the student-run publication of Ithaca College. We produce daily online content along with a weekly print edition. Our publication, one of the premier newspapers in the country, produces student content for news, arts, entertainment, culture and college sports. We also produce blogs, podcasts, audio slideshows and videos.

Editor in Chief: 607-274-3208
Aidan Quigley (@QuigleyAidan)

Managing Editor: 607-274-3208
Sophia Tulp (@sophia_tulp)

Online Managing Editor: 607-274-3208
Maura Aleardi (@maurabugara)

News: 607-274-3207
Grace Elletson, Editor (@graceelletson)
Sophia Adamucci, Asst. Editor (@s_adamucci)
Sierra Guardiola, Asst. Editor

Opinion: 607-274-3207
Meaghan McElroy, Editor (@meaghan_mcelroy)

Life & Culture: 607-274-1616
Jake Leary, Editor
Silas White, Asst. Editor (@swhite_5)

Sports: 607-274-1017
Caitie Ihrig, Editor (@caitie_ihrig)
Samantha Cavalli, Asst. Editor

Photo: 607-274-3208
Connor Lange, Editor (@clangephoto)
Maxine Hansford, Asst. Editor
Theodore Zerivitz, Asst. Editor

Design: 607-274-3208
Nicole Peter, Editor
Mori Pericon, Asst. Editor

Copy/Proof: 607-274-3208
Tyler Obropta, Proofreader
Zoe Freer-Hessler, Asst. Proofreader (@zfreerhessler)
Becky Mehorter, Chief Copy Editor

Connor Duffy, Editor
Matt Maloney, Editor (@matt_maloney25)
Kendyl Bennett, Podcast Editor (@kendylbennett16)

Peter Champelli, Web Director (@peter_champelli)
Maura Aleardi, Community Engagement Manager (@maurabugara)

Advertising: 607-274-1618
Shannon Gerety, Sales Manager