April 23, 2014
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The Ithacan is the student-run publication of Ithaca College. We produce daily online content along with a weekly print edition. Our publication, one of the premier newspapers in the country, produces student content for news, arts, entertainment, culture and college sports. We also produce blogs, podcasts, audio slideshows and videos.

Editor in Chief: 607-274-3208
Megan Devlin

Managing Editor: 607-274-3208
Allie Healy

News: 607-274-3207
Noreyana Fernando, Editor
Sabrina Knight, Editor
Kayla Dwyer, Asst. Editor

Jack Curran, Editor
Sage Daugherty, Editor

Opinion: 607-274-3207
Patrick Feeney, Editor

Accent: 607-274-1616
Evin Billington, Editor
Steven Pirani, Asst. Editor

Sports: 607-274-1017
Steve Derderian, Editor
Miles Surrey, Asst. Editor

Photo: 607-274-3208
Tucker Mitchell, Editor
Amanda den Hartog, Asst. Editor
Corey Hess, Asst. Editor

Design: 607-274-3208
Marianna Dunbrook, Editor
Alexandra Alteio, Asst. Editor

Copy/Proof: 607-274-3208
Vicky Wolak, Chief Copy Editor
Kira Maddox, Chief Proofreader

Deanna Romanoff, Editor
Stephen Adams, Asst. Editor
Emma McQuade, Asst. Editor

Evan Sobkowicz, Webmaster

Advertising: 607-274-1618
Kristina King, Sales Manager
Max Gillilan, Classified Manager

Year In Review:
Chelsea Russo, Year In Review Designer
Taylor Palmer, Year In Review Editor