December 18, 2014
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Kayla Dwyer

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IC students host panel discussion to openly discuss racial injustice

Ithaca College students have continued their rallies in response to the non-indictments for police officers involved in the deaths of Eric Garner and Michael Brown.

Results of 2012 college campus survey remain unannounced

The Ithaca College community is still waiting for the release of the 2012 college-wide campus climate survey.

Ithaca College campus mourns death of 2014 graduate

Twenty-two-year-old Max R. Addy ’14 unexpectedly died Nov. 28 in his home in Newfield, New York.

Senior Cornell University student murdered on Thanksgiving

Shannon Jones, a senior Cornell University student was found dead in a Cayuga Heights apartment on Thanksgiving Day.

Syracuse protests: the implications for Ithaca College

The atmosphere between the protestors and Syracuse University’s administration has taken a turn in the third week of protests amidst negotiations.

City of Ithaca reveals new Google Street View of off-street areas

The City of Ithaca Geographic Information Systems Program has partnered with Google Maps to create a Google Street View of the city’s off-street areas.

Smartphone technology affects social and academic lives of students

With each wave of technological innovation is a risk of dependence, but smartphone technology presents new challenges for students.

Final regulations issued on campus violence and assaults

New federal regulations call for colleges to increase their transparency on campus crimes, saying they are protecting student privacy.

Gov. Cuomo announces ‘Yes means Yes’ legislation for all SUNY schools

“Yes means Yes” in regard to sexual consent has been popping up on college campuses across the country, and New York will soon to follow suit.

College formulates Master Plan to improve campus facilities

As part of a series of meetings that will help determine the look of the Ithaca College campus for the next 10 years, the college will hold town hall meetings on Oct. 7 for students, staff and faculty to contribute input to the campus master plan.

Millennials fall short in meeting expectations as “digital natives”

Modern studies and professors contest whether the innate technological abilities attributed to the millennial generation extend into academia.

Ithaca College to take action against sexual assault through campaign

One day after the White House rolled out a national campaign calling for a stand against campus sexual assaults, the Office of Public Safety and Emergency Management informed the Ithaca College campus about a male-on-male sexual assault that occurred just after midnight on Sept. 21.