September 29, 2022
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Amateur barber hones his craft

Dylan Mess likes making people look good. As an amateur barber, he has turned the bathroom of his quad double into a makeshift parlor. A sign outside his room reads “Need a haircut?” and points customers in the direction of the “D. Mess Barbershop.” Assistant Accent Editor Andy Swift spoke with Mess about how he got his start, the different customers he’s worked with and his future career goals.

Sophomore Dylan Mess said that, while he sometimes uses scissors, he primarily cuts hair with clippers. Andy Swift/The Ithacan

Andy Swift: What got you interested in cutting hair? How did you go about starting?

Dylan Mess: I’ve always had an interest in it. … I had a barber back home [in Cambridge, Mass.] who helped me out.

AS: What clients do you have at school?

DM: Mostly I’ve done it to friends. I just want to cut more hair.

AS: What tools do you use?

DM: I mostly use clippers, but I’ve used scissors a few times. One set of clippers was a gift, and the other I bought myself.

AS: What are some common challenges?

DM: Adapting. Everyone has different hair and a different head shape.

AS: What else do you do on campus?

DM: I play football. So besides that, working out and working on my new scriptwriting minor, I’m pretty busy.

AS: Would you ever consider turning cutting hair into a career?

DM: Probably not, because it’s really more of a hobby. I have a friend back home who owns a shop. I’d like to manage a shop but I probably wouldn’t cut the hair. I’d also like to manage a restaurant.

AS: Have you ever cut a girl’s hair?

DM: No, I haven’t cut any girls’ hair yet. I mean, if a girl asked, I guess I’d do it.

AS: What about your own hair?

DM: I have a few times before, but I prefer not to. It’s hard to do it right in the back.