June 9, 2023
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Band loves bare-naked truth

The wisecracking Canadians of Barenaked Ladies have had a rough year. They’ve withstood the departure of co-founding member Steven Page, the death of lead singer Ed Robertson’s mother and even a private plane crash. But the boys are back with a more reflective sound on their 11th studio album, “All in Good Time.”

The album offers a bluesier pop-rock sound than fans may be used to, but it’s one listeners will still enjoy. Despite the more mature, introspective sound, “All in Good Time” still balances the poignant with fun.

The track “Four Seconds” is a bouncy pseudo-rap filled with pop culture references — think “One Week” but slower and goofier — that proves the guys haven’t lost their signature sense of humor.

Beyond the group’s pensive new light-rock sound, its style is the same comic charm that will keep old fans and help attract a new generation.