October 4, 2022
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CD embodies raw emotion

The Brooklyn-based funk group Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings transports its listeners into the musky, sweat-laden music clubs of the late ’60s, breathing newfound passion into vintage funk music. These aren’t your grandmother’s funk and soul tunes, though.

Like she did on her three previous albums, Jones infuses contemporary themes and commentaries into her songs, giving them relevant social context. Jones adds some spoken words to introduce the fifth track, “Money.” “Banks folding / president scratchin’ his head … gas prices up and down / nobody knows what to do.” Blaring trumpets and smooth saxophones accompany her raw message, and the instrumentals are just as deep as her words.

The streets of Brooklyn seem to cry out in the music on this new album. They cry out for a distant time when true soul music wafted through alleyways and parks. Jones answers that call, yet again, with deep-rooted fervor.