April 1, 2023
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Drums amp up soft sound

Blossoming from elegant acoustics to a full-bodied sound, Iron & Wine’s fourth studio album, “Kiss Each Other Clean,” is a robust twist on its usual, sweet-sounding folk style.

Known for his smooth acoustics, lead vocalist and songwriter Samuel Beam takes a turn for the instrumental. He incorporates new instruments in many of the album’s tracks, such as organ-like keyboards in “Big Burned Hand” and subtle hints of xylophone in “Monkeys Uptown.” The unexpected percussion in “Rabbit Will Run” meshes well with the silky soft lead and background vocals.

“Your Fake Name is Good Enough For Me” even explores other  brass-heavy genres by entering the jazz world with saxophone-infused melodies.

Those who don’t enjoy the new direction of Iron & Wine will at least appreciate the lead track and previously released single, “Walking Far From Home,”  which nicely introduces the new complex sound of this one-man show.

3.5 out of 4 stars