February 5, 2023
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Local artists to design for Ithaca Festival

Meghan Wood has watched her grandmother and parents purchase Ithaca Festival T-shirts and buttons for as long as she can remember. This year, Wood will design the newest version in the button series.

Ithaca native Meghan Wood has been named the official artist of Ithaca Fest. Photo courtesy of Meghan Wood.

Wood, a first-year graphic design student at Rochester Institute of Technology, was recently named the 2012 Ithaca Festival Official Artist. The Ithaca Festival is a four-day summer music and arts festival on The Commons and will be luau-themed this year.

Staff Writer Alyssa Frey spoke with Wood about her plans for the festival, her past experiences with the festival and her love for the Ithaca area.


AF: How did you become involved in the past with the Ithaca Festival?


MW: I did the graphic tee last year, and they ended up picking two of the designs that I proposed, which was great. They’ve been super supportive of me, and I’ve been painting signs for them for the last two years. Jes
Seaver, the director of the Ithaca
Festival, has a level of involvement with that festival, and she saw my work and work ethic and approached me about it last year to do the graphic tee, and I was so psyched.


AF: What are you designing for the upcoming festival?


MW: I’m designing both the graphic tee and the art tee, which they have been doing for the last four or five years. And in doing the art piece for that T-shirt, that will also be the button and be featured in the program and stuff like that. It’s a pretty awesome gig.


AF: What can we expect from your work at the festival?


MW: The idea of luau reminded me of this touristy feel, like those vintage old postcards that you see for Hawaii. And I was like, ‘How cool is it to think of Ithaca, your hometown, as this tourist destination?’ So I played a lot with that idea, and then also, there’s just the intuitive sense that Ithaca is such a beautiful town with so many beautiful waters — almost tropical spots. A lot of the designs play off of that.