September 30, 2022
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MGMT takes on softer sound

MGMT’s new album, “Congratulations,” was met with some disappointment when it was released on its Web site last week.

Because the song “Flash Delirium” leaked, MGMT sped up the releasing process. After a few listens, the new sound becomes catchy.

“Congratulations” is unparalleled to MGMT’s previous album, “Oracular Spectacular.” It takes MGMT in a new direction by offering a softer listen. Void of upbeat songs like “Kids” or “Electric Feel,” listeners have deemed “Congratulations” boring and subpar to what was set by the multimillion-dollar “Oracular Spectacular.”

The band’s new direction showcases its alternative melodies and eclectic style, providing listeners the chance to contemplate the band’s psychedelic rationale.

The rock stars, whom listeners fell in love with on the first album, have disappeared and replaced with true-to-themselves music-makers who are ready to show listeners what the band is all about.