September 27, 2022
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Must-see at IC

Broken Social Scene will play at the State Theatre of Ithaca Sept. 24. Courtesy of Jamie Sherman

Brew Fest

College students and alcohol go together like peanut butter and jelly, but if sipping a Keystone Light just isn’t cutting it anymore — for those over the age of 21 — check out the 4th Annual Ithaca Brew Fest on Sept. 4 at Stewart Park. A general admission ticket includes a choice of 20, 2-ounce samples of craft beers from more than 45 breweries, a commemorative glass, gourmet food and live music.
Allison Graffin, marketing director of the Ithaca Beer Company, said it is a fun event for budding beer connoisseurs.
“It’s a great way to wrap up summer and learn a little bit about beer [while having] a good time with your friends and enjoying good food and good beer in a great setting,” she said.

Apple Harvest Festival

There’s only one weekend that can draw a crowd of 30,000 people to The Commons — Apple Harvest Festival. Downtown Ithaca’s 28th Annual Apple Harvest Festival, being held this year from Oct. 1-3, is Ithaca’s capstone event in the fall, featuring live entertainment, crafts and, of course, apples. The festival, commonly referred to as “Apple Fest,” will leave people’s taste buds tingling as they sample treats containing the festival’s main ingredient.
Senior Rob Engelsman, who attended Apple Fest twice and ran a stand there for WICB, said the event is a memorable part of the college experience.
“It’s a celebration of Ithaca and Ithaca’s quirkiness,” he said. “It’s a big social event for the town. It’s definitely something that you’re not going to forget.”

Capitol Steps

The satirical comedy group Capitol Steps, launched mainly by former Senate staffers, will bring their hilarious spoofs of current political issues to Ithaca at 8 p.m.  Oct. 15 at The State Theatre of Ithaca.
Junior Bryant Francis, who has seen the group perform before, said extensive knowledge of politics and current events isn’t necessary to find humor in the group’s act.
“If you just watch Jon Stewart or Steven Colbert, you’ll definitely get all of the jokes,” he said.
The group, which has recorded more than 30 albums, is guaranteed to leave viewers laughing at their musical comedy gems, including “Obama Mia!,” “Return to Spenders” and “Barackin’ Around the Christmas Tree.”

Broken Social Scene

Not every band can boast having a group that ranges from six to 18 members on a concert-to-concert basis. Broken Social Scene, a Canadian rock band featured on the new “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World” soundtrack will take to the State Theatre of Ithaca’s stage Sept. 24.
Junior Alex Denner, who is a fan of the group’s music and is familiar with its revolving members, said the group’s diverse collaborations make for an energetic show.
“It’s a great experience to see so many different types of instruments come together,” he said. “It should be a really good show. They’re going to get you up and get you moving.”

First Friday Gallery Nights

A trip to Downtown Ithaca’s First Friday Gallery Nights provides a glimpse into the importance of local art to the Ithaca community.
Held on the first Friday of every month, Gallery Nights showcases a broad spectrum of art, including music, theater and the latest works from local, national and international artists.
Matthew Riis, primary coordinator for the event, said it is a chance to interact with all forms of art.
“There are many different themes, many different artists and many different art forms represented,” he said. “It’s an opportunity to engage with art, the artists and downtown Ithaca.”


Ithaca College’s “Collaborations” concert series will combine internationally recognized artists to deliver classical music. The Beijing Guitar Duo will begin the series Sept. 24, followed by The New Zealand String Quartet Nov. 16 in Ford Hall.
Erik Kibelsbeck, manager of concerts, facilities and educational outreach programs, said the concerts are different from past years.
“As opposed to a recital where it’s a singer or a pianist, it brings together [acts] that aren’t ordinarily done,” he said.

Lisa Lampanelli

With her no-apologies attitude, Lisa Lampanelli is guaranteed to leave the audience howling when she performs at the State Theatre of Ithaca on Sept. 19.
Comedy Central’s “Queen of Mean” comedian is best known for her sharp tongue and brutally honest commentary.
Senior Beth Gottehrer, who has seen Lampanelli perform on Comedy Central, said the show would be fun for those who are open-minded to all forms of comedy.
“It’s not a lot of people’s first choice of comedy since it’s raunchy, but if you really want a night of fun and no holds barred, then go for it,” she said.