June 6, 2023
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Punk mixes with rock on CD

AM Taxi, a rock band hailing from Chicago, produced a new album filled with catchy rock and punk anthems.

The band lists The Clash and The Police as its musical influences. Though the sound is similar, AM Taxi is trying a little too hard on this album to be die-hard rockers. Really, the band is more comparable to Green Day’s newer stuff or Good Charlotte.

AM Taxi’s newly released single, “Fed Up,” is catchy, but the standout song on the album is “Dead Street.” It has an awesome opening guitar riff and drum beat while chronicling the drug culture of today’s adolescents. With funny lyrics such as, “With a bar tab bigger than Jesus,” the band clearly has some experience with its topic.

For an album with memorable and innovative lyrics, “We Don’t Stand a Chance” pushes an underlying political messages that will definitely inspire a younger crowd.