June 10, 2023
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Review: Punk-pop band rocks nostalgic album

"Save Rock and Roll"

Fall Out Boy

After a five-year hiatus that left Fall Out Boy fans impatiently wondering what had happened to the punk-pop band, the boys are back with a vengeance. The band’s new album “Save Rock and Roll” has claimed the iTunes No. 1 album spot for days, proving that it was well worth the wait.

Fall Out Boy’s sixth album has all of the elements fans have come to expect from the band over the years, including its well-known intense and meaningful lyrics. Tracks “Save Rock and Roll” and “Just One Yesterday” use lamenting lyrics such as, “You are what you love / not who loves you” and “I’d trade all my tomorrows for just one yesterday” respectively. These are only a few examples of the powerful messages the band conveys.

As usual, lead singer Patrick Stump’s very defined voice and powerful range is the feature of most of the songs, but for the first time, Fall Out Boy has decided to change things up with collaborations with UK pop singer Foxes, rapper Big Sean, Courtney Love and Elton John.

A major critique of the album is its title. It’s brazenly dubbed “Save Rock and Roll,” but this compilation of songs might be the punk-pop band’s least rock ’n’ roll album yet. Nonetheless, Fall Out Boy’s songs and meaningful lyrics don’t disappoint. Dedicated fans, along with first-time listeners, can celebrate the band’s return to the music industry.