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Review: Vocalist crafts Perri good time

"Head or Heart"

Christina Perri

Thirteen may be an unlucky number for some, but in Christina Perri’s case, it’s quite the opposite. The 13 tracks on Perri’s recent album, “Head or Heart,” are emotionally riveting and worth the three-year wait since her last album, “Lovestrong.” Perri’s heartfelt lyrics make for an astonishingly accessible album, as it tells stories that focus on concepts that listeners may be able to connect to. Through Perri’s bluesy and harmonious voice, the album’s themes of betrayal, broken hearts and eternal love seem both realistic and tragic.

A combination of quiet instrumentation, strong lyrics and flowing vocals make “I Believe” into one of the album’s most impactful tracks. The song is composed of a soft piano melody and quiet percussion with inspirational lyrics such as, “I believe in the lost possibilities you can see/ And I believe that the darkness reminds us where light can be.” The lyrics provoke the message of the song, which passes on the belief that everyone has their own struggles, but they can overcome them. This powerful message is one any listener can relate to, and Perri presents it with both beauty and talent.

“Be My Forever” is a light and fun track that features folk singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran. The lyrics tell a story of a happy couple that wants to tell the world how much they love each other. The audience may fall in love with the sound of their poignant voices meshed together, delivering a variety of pleasing harmonies. The peppy number’s lively clapping beat and amorous lyrics may make the audience feel the warmth between the singers and remember the happiness of being in love.

Perri’s vocal talent can be best heard in the sad, goosebump-giving ballad “Butterfly,” which features string instruments, strong vocals and soft piano chords. These instrumentations, mixed with Perri’s lingering vocals, may give the audience a sense of the sadness she was feeling while writing this song, including her loneliness and devastation as her love abandons her.

“Head or Heart” is a rewarding album that shows off Perri’s talent through its artistically compelling songs, making for an emotionally compelling album. From beginning to end, the audience may feel as if it is getting an in-depth look into Perri’s personal diary, her head and her heart.

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