May 31, 2023
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Review: Rock group finds global sound


Fading West

Switchfoot’s album “Fading West” begins with an alluring mix of strong synthesized beats and a bright piano arrangement. Along with its varied instrumentation, the album carries many motivational messages through lyrics and touches upon topics including changing the world, identity and standing up for personal beliefs.

The track “Love Alone is Worth the Fight” is undoubtedly the album’s strongest track. The song begins with an alluring introduction of eerie echoing “ohs,” a soft piano accompaniment and a synthesized beat. It then progresses into a lively drum pulse and a dynamic guitar tune against continuous echoing vocals that may get the audience’s pulse pumping and feet tapping. Many of the verse’s lyrics, predominantly the line “Here we are, here we go/ where the road is our own/ hear it calling you home,” convey the heartening message that what truly matters in life is who people surround themselves with.

“The World You Want” is the slowest track on the album, and also one of the most motivational. The song uses powerful lyrics, such as “If you change the world for you/ you change it for me,” that may influence the audience into considering how someone with motivation can make a difference. The effusiveness of the slow tempo and its inspiring lyrics deliver a more engaging and rewarding experience for listeners. This multicultural anthem features the laughter of South African children over leisurely percussion, which ultimately crescendos into graceful piano riffs and high-pitched keyboard chords. This dynamic provides an intensity to the track that will keep listeners engaged.

Switchfoot never seems to stop surprising its audience with its musical talent, its zealousness to make a difference and its dedication to produce a thrilling and distinct-sounding album. The ethnic melodies, synthesized feel and inspirational lyrics make “Fading West” a rewarding venture into the realm of alternative rock.

Ashley Wolf can be reached at or via Twitter: @@ashleyjcwolf