June 9, 2023
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Student DJs plan to lose sleep for charity

Sophomore Josh Giordano, aka DJ Jon Ryan, and senior Andrew Steeley, aka DJ Chase Andrews and VIC station manager, will host VIC Radio’s 21st annual 50-Hour Marathon from 4 p.m. tomorrow to 6 p.m. Sunday. Proceeds will benefit the Ithaca Free Clinic. Accent Editor Josh Mellman spoke with the DJs about the marathon’s perks, the chemistry between them and that whole 50-hours-without-sleep thing.

Pam Arnold/The Ithacan

Josh Mellman: How’s the chemistry between you guys?

Josh Giordano: It’s great. … Most of the time you can find us on Sundays or any random time in the newsroom fighting each other, but in a playful manner. Almost like cats.

Andrew Steeley: It’s almost like watching Animal Planet.

JM: How do you feel about staying up for 50 hours straight?

AS: It’s just another day in radio. … For such a good cause, 50 hours is going to be nothing. … It’ll be a breeze. I’ll feel it the next day, but it’ll probably just fly by the entire weekend.

JM: When do you think your most entertaining talksets will be?

AS: The most entertaining will probably come between hour 30 and hour 45 just because that’s when everything starts to hit, just like, Oh my God, why are we doing this? How are we going to make it through the next 20 hours?

JM: How do you look at the task ahead?

AS: It’s like the first time you go in the … ocean. … All the waves, all the shells and all the jellyfish. It looks intimidating at first because it’s such a vast amount of water. When you’re like 3 years old, and you’re looking at the ocean, it’s like, Wow that thing is huge. It’s like us staring at the 50-Hour Marathon. We say, ‘Wow that thing is huge — that’s what she said.’ Once you’re actually in the water, I think it gets a lot easier.

JG: I can’t swim.

AS: Well, then …

JG: I’m kidding, I can swim.