October 4, 2022
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Student finds acoustic niche

Junior Zach Birnbaum’s “Still Trying” is a catchy acoustic rock album with strong and meaningful lyrics that deserves more than just one listen.

The fact that Birnbaum is such a young artist  makes this album surprising, because of his matured talent.

Songs such as “Waiting” and “Still Trying” show that Birnbaum is not only capable of creating catchy guitar riffs typical of acoustic folk-rock, but also that he has an ability to take musical risks. The song “I Miss You” has no vocals, giving Birnbaum space to show his musical talent outside of his lyrics.

Every song is given detailed attention in production, as shown by the clarity of sound of both vocals and instrumentation. This is a professional recording with Birnbaum’s voice at the forefront.  His voice reminds listeners of modern-day acoustic rock stars, such as John Mayer, but he is more than a mere imitator. Birnbaum has his own stylistic spin on this genre.

He gives a natural, flawless performance showing that students can look forward to an impressive musical output from this growing talent.