October 5, 2022
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10 Travel Tips

Spring break is rapidly approaching and, for some people, that means traveling. Personally, I will not be doing much traveling this break, but I know a lot of people like to go on vacation during this time. I mean, if one of you wants to take me on a trip to the Bahamas, come see me at your earliest convenience. But, honestly, traveling is no joke. It can be messy, annoying, aggravating, and all around tiring. So, here are just ten tips that you’re going to need to this traveling season.


  1. Leave early. Please don’t be that person that tries to hold the plane when it is ready to depart. It will leave without you, and no one onboard will care. I have been in horrible situations before, in regards to this. My sister once drove me to the airport and got lost while she was using a GPS. How does a person do that? I missed my flight. I was very angry.
  2. Empty your pockets. I am the main person that this rule is for. I always forget to empty my pockets before I get to security. I will have a random granola bar wrapper, sticky notes, a pez dispenser, and anything else you can think of. I think one time that I had an entire stick of deodorant. As important as deodorant is for traveling, don’t keep it in the pocket of your jeans. And if you do, remove it before you get to the security line.
  3. Stay hydrated. Please don’t die. Drink water, especially if you will be in the airport in a hot place. You can easily get dehydrated from walking around in a hot airport with too many people, walking too close for comfort. I’m looking at you Atlanta, Georgia.
  4. Headphones are NECESSARY! I cannot emphasize this enough. If you don’t have headphones, I feel so sorry for you. Some airplanes do not have wifi, so listening to music is so necessary. If you forget your headphones, it is always worth it to ask for some when you get on the plane. Some airplanes do give complimentary headphones. Those planes are the real MVPs.
  5. Babies can’t help it. Do not be that person that complains to a flight attendant about a crying baby. They cannot help it. Their ears are popping, and this is their only way of communication with us “big people.” Besides, if you brought those headphones, you shouldn’t have to worry about this.
  6. Don’t fall asleep ON someone. I have been on planes where someone has fallen asleep on me. They drooled. I cried. It’s a long story. It is absolutely okay to fall asleep on an airplane. In fact, I advise it. The time just flies by if you do that. However, keep to yourself and give some personal space.
  7. Chain-hotels have great breakfast. Chain-hotels are actually really on point. Stay at one. They will surprise you. Make sure that your hotel has breakfast and a pool, too. These are important things.
  8. The Hilton has the best home fries that I’ve ever had. They are not sponsoring me, though I wish, but they serve some of the best home fries that I have ever had. They are made with so much care. I highly recommend staying at The Hilton. It’s kind of pricy, but it’s so so so worth it!
  9. Videotape it, if you can. I highly recommend this, too. Wherever you go, you are going to want the memories later. So, whether it’s an expensive camera or your camera phone, videotape what you can. You won’t regret it.
  10. Have fun! This is the last thing that I am going to say. Enough said. Whatever you do, make the best of it. Every day is a great day. Remember that!

And that’s all that I have for now. Use these tips and you are sure to have the perfect trip. (Results may vary.) And if you aren’t going anywhere this break, that’s okay, too. Make the best of it and sleep! You’ve earned it! Safe travels!