December 8, 2022
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A Sort of Goodbye

On any normal Sunday morning, I would be fretting over which song is going to be the song of the week. But not this week. We sent out our last issue of the semester on Thursday, so a song of the week is not needed.

So it is at this time that I will announce my resignation from the Sharp Notes blog. I was extremely excited when I was asked to blog about music back in the winter of 2010. It allowed me to be a little less formal than I have to be when writing for the print edition. I was also able to cover quirkier subject matter, which is always good.

But after a year and a half, it’s time for Sharp Notes to have a new voice. I’ve never been one to let the status quo go unchallenged. I like shaking things up a little bit. I would consider it irresponsible to keep blogging after this year. It’s obvious that I don’t cover every musical genre out there, so I am unable to cater to everyone. But hopefully the next blogger brings a fresh perspective.

But before I sign off for good, I would like to present what I consider to be one of the greatest performances available on YouTube. I started this blog with a post that pondered U2’s reasoning for skipping Boston on their 360 Tour. That ended up not being a major issue. I was lucky enough to see them twice this summer in Philadelphia and Moncton, NB. It seems only right that this blog should end with U2. This video is from one of their shows at Slane Castle.

Thanks for reading and rock on.