February 6, 2023
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Attack coverage shifts regular programming

The Boston Marathon bombing yesterday interferes with nightly programming.

Out of all the Big Four networks, ABC, FOX and CBS chose to continue with their regularly scheduled programming. NBC chose to pull its new episode of “Revolution,” a show about a war-torn world where people fight for energy.

Many have frowned upon NBC’s decision, especially since “Revolution” is one of the network’s few successful shows. Yet, in light of the Boston tragedy, canceling a show praised for its well-coordinated fight scenes may not have been a bad move.

Other networks do not air violent programming on Monday nights. CBS airs a comedy block – including “How I Met Your Mother” and “2 Broke Girls” – followed by formulaic procedural “Hawaii Five-O.” ABC aired “Dancing with the Stars” and NBC still aired its reality hit “The Voice.”

Interestingly, FOX did not pull “The Following,” a program that details the hunt of a cult of serial kills- a  far more violent show than “Revolution,” It can be assumed that FOX did not want to disrupt its schedule by pulling its buzziest show, and FOX definitely needs its ratings.

No networks have commented on the matter.